Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 6, 2014

How was the temple trip???
It was amazing, we had a great trip, it was very good. the only thing  is that i have been losing some sleep the last little while, mainly because i cant  get comfortable in my bed with my knee..... 

on Monday we were on our way to our last appointment of the night, i felt a weird pop in my RIGHT KNEE, and then kinda a pinching on the inside of my knee. so when we got to where we were going we went to get off the tricycle, i went to get off, and stand up, but i couldn't really stand, or walk. I just hoped across the street and we caught another ride going back home. (even though i wanted to go and teach that last lesson) we got home, i took 800 mg of Ibuprofen, i also put ice on it as well..

to me it feels like i re-tore my meniscus... I went to the doctor yesterday for the X-ray, and everything checks out there. i went and made and appointment earlier for an MRI, tomorrow at 3:00 i have my MRI.

Has the typhoon “season” wound down or is it still raining a lot???
it is still the heart of tyhpoon season, and it still rains every night, and during the day... it makes for interesting work, especially when i dont own(or use) an umbrella

What was the best thing about the last week???
wow, it has been such a long week, i dont know what the "best" thing was... best things;
  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! we had a zone get together to watch movies, we watched one called "BIG HERO 6" it is way good!!!!!
  2. TEMPLE!!!
  3. EATING AFTER THE TEMPLE!!! we went to a  place called "CASSA VERDE", just look at the pictures if you can!!!! it was amazing!!! i ate all of my food!!! no one else could finish all of theirs!

How are you??? (thought I would throw you off by not asking that first…)
well, i am doing pretty good!!! um... my knee is not feeling so good though... it makes missionary work really hard when you can barely walk outside of your house...

Any whispers about transfers yet???
nope, but i think that i just threw in one of the biggest wrenches  for transfers...  i hope that everything works out well...........

How is the work going???  Are your baptisms still on track for the 10th???
 work is going good but there will be no baptisms on the 10th.... we will go over and talk to them later tonight, even though my knee is not in the best shape, i have to help them. i cant not help them...

Any new investigators???
 yeah, we have a couple of them this week... just haven't had time to really go and visit them....

How is Elder Head???  Tell him we all say “Hi.”
Elder Head says "HELLO", he is doin good, we are getting  TUMBOK!!!!!(FAT)   too much rice, and food in general!!!!

Is there anything else you want to tell us???
nah, i think i got it all covered!!!!
-Elder Larson the YOUNGER