Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 7, 2014

How are you???
ALIVE STILL!!! haha, just kidding i am doing well, it has been a very weird chain of events the last few days... I am sure that you all have more info than i do. other than that i am still alive. i dont even know where or what happened with the typhoon because it was supposed to get to us at 2:00 A.M. on Sunday morning. I dont even think that it hit us, or came close to where we are... Other than that i am good.

What was it like during the worst part of the typhoon in your area???
it was..... calm.... if i didnt know there was going to be a typhoon, i could not have said that there was one... it was so calm, no wind, no rain... it wasnt until really today that there was any real rain... or at least that we knew of.

Was there a lot of damage in your area???
almost none... there was just a couple of places that had part of their roof torn off.... but nothing compared to last year...

Did your investigators and members make it through Ok???
no one even had a scratch, it was basically a big let down from the baguio, stupid "RUBY", worst "date" ever. she totally flaked on us!!!

Were you confined to your apartment or did you go somewhere else???
we were just in our apartment, we also had 2 elders come down from the Bogo zone to stay in our house, because it was "supposed to go and 'destroy' bogo" again... So we just were in our house for the storm.

What did you do during the storm???
SLEPT!!!! it was 2 AM IN THE MORNING!!!! i am not losing my sleep over a typhoon, especially one that ran away from us... it was supposed to come and hit where we were, and then at the last second it turned away!!!

What was it like being in a typhoon???
THAT WAS A TYPHOON!!?!?! (obviously this one kinda got answered) i think that it had less rain than that one last transfer that just dumped 300T of rain in 24 hours... there was less destruction as well.....

Will you be doing CSPs to help with the clean up and repair???  (I am very proud that you know how to use tools and can help with those projects!!!)
well, if something actually happened, we would be doing a ton of CSPs, but that probably wont be happening...

So has it been hot with like 100% humidity or did the storm cool things down a bit???
yeah, it feels so amazing!!!! last night Elder Head used a long sleeve polo(church shirt) cause he got cold... haha, it was super amazing, i couldn't describe how good it felt for a couple of days...

How is Elder Head???
he is good now, he was way freaked out about the typhoon, (i was super excited, and looking forward to it). we have started working out doing pushups and what not... (STARTED my 10 MONTHS to SEXY)

What was the best part about the last week???
the best, i don't know if there was a best part there were several lows, this last week has been a very different week. Hopefully it starts to get better now!!!!

Did you guys have church yesterday or did everyone stay hunkered down???
yeah, we only had sacrament, and then we talked about what we are going to do for our ward Christmas party. it was still raining and had a little bit of wind. Elder head and i had to set up, and bless the sacrament... that was super legit!!! (WE DID IT IN CEBUANO)!!!! there were 78 people at church on Sunday....


  1. Ward Christmas Party this Saturday
  2. Mission Christmas Party this Thursday
  3. SKYPE in 17 days...!!!!
  4. ummmm... i am starting to get in shape.... (not round anymore...) KEY WORD STARTING!!!

-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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