Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 7, 2015

so i know i wasnt able to email last week because the email server was down for the entire church last week.... well this week i can email.

so we as a companionship have really been focusing on learning the doctrine of the lessons, so with all of our time walking, we spend it talking, and teaching the doctrine we take note of what the doctrine is in the lessons, i feel that it has really helped me be a better teacher. it has been a good experience for Elder Jennings, because it is forcing him to use the language more, and especially in teaching situations.

well, i have been stuggling with preparing for the district meetings, about what to give a workshop on, and how to effectively help them. so this week i have planned a DM (district meeting) on the DOCTRINE from PMG. so it should hopefully go effectively, and they will learn a lot from me, but even more from the spirit!

Elder Jennings and i made a companionship jersey, so i will take a pic of that when we pic it up later and send it to you! it should be pretty legit!

i have been working on my cooking, i think that i have finally figured it out!!! well, i hope so anyway, i learned how to cook Bicol Express (for those who like spicy this is the one for you) you add about 10 chili peppers and then you add Coconut milk and shavings for a creamy taste!!! it is so DELECTABLE!!!! (i dont think that is the proper word)

we had DLC (District Leader Council) this last week on friday where we all went over to Cebu(all the DL's). it was an amazing experience, we were all taught how to be a GOOD/GREAT district leader, what we need to do to help the missionaries...

umm, i am running out of time.... in many ways, with email. and also in my mission.... 6 months and 3 weeks to live it up and make it the best i can... i should be home around January 25th...

so this last week we were having our companionship inventory, and elder Jennings says that "Elder Larson, you could sweet talk a sour apple." it was super funny, and fits way well! charisma!

-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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