Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 3, 2015

good day to you all! i hope that you all enjoyed the changing of the time, and the extra hour of sleep. we here in the philippines don't get any extra or lose any sleep... well because it is transfer week i am sure that you are all excited to hear about my week. as well as hear about what is going to be happening next transfer... TRANSFERS!!! 

I am transferring after 6 months here in Tagbilaran, Bohol. i am transferring to Danao, Cebu. My new companion is Elder Banawan, and our assignments are to be the Zone Leaders in Danao Zone. when i found out all of that i was so shocked, and surprised. we made the request about 2 years ago to be companions. he is my junior-junior batch to arrive in the mission field. i wasn't sure that i was ever going to become a zone leader, and also i thought he would have put me in a smaller area because of my knee. but it is all good to. because i know that i was put in this area for a reason, i just need to go and find that reason.

i have some fun stuff that has happened, some of it is not too fun, but either way, there was quite a bit that happened.

the first thing i will start with the most recent, yesterday Elder Hall was not feeling very good. he was filling sick. well his symptoms match those of Dengue... which is not very good, but it could be worse.. other than that he is doing good, just has very little energy, and has a weird rash developing.

the second is that on Monday we were playing basketball. and the last game we were playing i went up to grab the rebound and i came down on someone else's foot and sprained my ankle way bad... it hurts way bad, and hurts to walk, i haven't gone to the hospital, and YES MOM! i did do RICE, it was better while it was still swollen, now that the swelling has gone a little bit it hurts way worse. it is super tender. when coming back to the mission i had almost planned on spraining it, so i brought an ankle brace (looking back with 20-20 vision i should have been wearing it DUH!) but now i am wearing every day.

we had zone interviews with President Tanner, i believe the last ones of my mission. but it was super awesome to get to talk to him about all of my concerns and problems in person and not have to try and explain everything in a letter, it worked a ton better, and we were able to start problem solving together.
-Elder Larson theYOUNGER

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