Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas, well, i think that it is going to be an AMAZING Christmas, being 1 more year in the Lords service, not to mention the 3rd Christmas in the Philippines. it is difficult, but when i really think about the "REASON FOR THE SEASON" it becomes so much easier. it has also gotten so much easier with my new companion, Elder Foote has been a blessing and a half. it is crazy what changes he has already helped me make to be sure that this last part of my mission is as successful as possible. the changes that i have been making have been fun. it has been so much more effective, and we have been working so hard. We have been working on finding, and growing our faith to experience "CHRISTMAS MIRACLES" i have been working the hardest i have and it seems to just be going the slowest.

We have been working super hard this week, and found 5 new investigators. we need a ton more of those, but we have both been praying for Christmas Miracles... and they are starting to come, just anything good, or even bad that happens we say that it is a miracle, or a miracle in disguise....

the members have seen a change in my attitude, and my desire to do this work, and they have jumped along for the ride, on Saturday we had a mini MTC, where the youth were all invited to come and work with the missionaries we also had copies of the Book of Mormon that we took everywhere in Danao City... in total the youth of the stake hand delivered 60 copies of the Book of Mormon. it was fun to go along and help them, because i remember when i was like that as a missionary, super awkward and shy when talking to people. i can't believe that i was that shy... the technology in our day has really hindered our sociability...

On Sunday after church we went and did a caravan, where we went and worked with the members, Elder Foote got assigned to a part of our area called Sandayong, well it is about 2 hours away up hill... it is almost like walking up Big Cottonwood Canyon... they had to walk all the way there because we can't ride on motorcycles. i got assigned to another area that was 2 hours away by car... and even more mountainous, and foresty.... i am not sure what words would, or should be used to describe it... just look for yourself.

Also for the second Christmas in a row, i am moving houses.. we have started moving, mainly because the land lord is ridiculous to deal with, also not to mention the almost 50,000 pesos that were stolen in the last almost 6 months from the apartment... i wonderful right???

ALRIGHT KITA KITS PAHUN!!! amping ug mahal kita!!!

(see ya next time!!! take care, and i love you!!!)
-Elder Larson

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