Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Letters from MTC

We have received some letters from Ryan and some photos..

He is doing well, really enjoying the MTC but says it is hard and the language is coming along but still confusing. His companion was a wrestler in school as well so they are getting along well. He says he can really feel the spirit there and loves that. He is seeing a lot of his friends from school there which he says is fun. He was a bit concerned that he hadn't received any letters from us in the email he sent but if he would have just waited a couple of hours all of our letters got to him the very same day (by the way he had only been in the MTC for 8 days) I tried to explain to him that we had written but it does take some time to get there through the mail and it didn't help that he gave us the wrong box number (we realized that after he got the letters).  What a funny kid he is!! Anyway that is about all we heard. Here are the photos he sent......
The first one is his lessons in Cebuano, The second one is of them taking pictures of a tree the smells like cream soda, The third is his lesson books and then of course we have to have a silly Ryan one too.

Until next time.....

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