Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 14, 2014

Wednesday(Miyerkules)-We had no stats for the day, we had P-day all day, and then we went to an FHE about 20 minutes away, so we didnt really get to do much that day. but we were on time to pretty much everywhere... we have been working on being more prompt and more bold with our time, and not being late.
Thursday(Huwebes)-We got punted a lot, we only had 2 lessons, one of them is with a Grandma, her name is Diana Dayrit, we call her Nanay Dayrit, because it is a sign of respect, she is a Recent Convert, we have been teaching the new member lessons, she asked a really hard question... her question was "why is 8 the age of accountability?" the issue is that age of accountability is super hard to explain and no one knows what it is. (panuigon sapagka-may tulubagon).
Friday(Biyernes)-So today we kept getting mixed news from the people we were talking to. people kept telling us that there was a typhoon of 3 or worse on the way, and then later people would just say that it was a small low pressure system just passing over, but by this time there had been constant clouds for the previous 3 days or since Tuesday.
Saturday(Sabado)-we were going to go play basketball with our investigators at 5:30, but when we woke up it was raining, so we just went back to sleep. we had so many lessons planned today, but from all of them but 2 we got punted from. we taught an awesome lesson to Nanay Flores, she is about 73 years old, and her husband passed away, she is trying to go to the temple to be sealed, over here it is a lot harder to be sealed, or go to the temple, because there is one temple for basically all of the southern Philippines, and then it is super expensive to travel there! Utah has like 9 within 30 minutes of my house!
Sunday(Domingo)-we havent had sun for 5 days, and this morning i measure the amount of rain, and we were up to about 5 1/2 inches of rain. we went out to teach in the morning because our church starts at 1:00-4:00 and then we have meetings after so it is hard to do work. We went to a really cool family, they are 7th day adventist's, they are super elect, and amazingly educated, we were able to teach them in english and cebuano, which was super good for me! i am not the best at cebuano, so this really helped me teach them. we had a super amazing lesson and then made a return appointment!

-Elder Larson

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