Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014

sigi.. so this week was pretty good, we have been being a lot more kugihan(diligent) we had been struggling with a lot of work and what not... but this week we were starting to be more prompt with our time. it is super hard though... i have been taking the lead in basically everything now. i am starting to surpass my trainer with just talking with people! it is pretty awesome. 

so we have a tatay, (old man/grandpa) in our area, is 83 years old, and can barely stand, he has had scoliosis for the last 30 years, he has a pretty hunched back. the crazy thing is that he still works full time, he works from about 6:30-6 every day except for Sunday, and then on Sunday he walks about 2 miles to church alone. He was baptized in 2001, and this last Sunday he received the Melchizedek Priesthood! Every time we go over to teach him, he spends  the first while telling us how much he loves us, because we are americans, he tells us stories about WW2 and how the Americans came in and saved him... i dont understand much that he is saying but i do understand some of it like when he says "kalayo hinagiban" but the only reason i understand that is because he pretends like he has a gun... a gun that shoots fire.... it is way crazy! On Sunday during Priesthood, i sat next to him and he held my hand and talked with me for about an hour! it was so awesome..
on friday we went on splits with the ZL's but they just split and one of them came to our area, and the other one went to the other district and we were working on tracting/finding, which is SUPER hard to do i Cebuano for me, i am getting better at the language and i rarely need to think about how to say something before i can say it. but when tracting it is harder to just start a random conversation with them, and then relate it to the gospel...
saturday when we were going to lunch with the zl's and other district DL. we were walking to Mang Inasal, (awesome food place, {fine dining}) and i saw a giant or i guess it was fairly large dark spot on the middle of the road, when i looked a little closer i could see some fur... and then even closer i could see the shape of a cat, but it wasn't alive anymore, it looked about as flat as a piece of paper, haha it was so crazy.... {not because a dead cat} but because no one did anything about it and it was just super flat!!! I also saw a rat the size of a house cat running in the street, it was so crazy big, and then it ran into the sewer!
So on Monday we found a little trail up to the Bukid(mountains) and up there we found a giant house, when we went in there was a tatay, and a younger man but still about 40. but they were super awesome to talk to, we got a lesson and then after it they said to come back and they would bring their families! it was such an awesome lesson!!!
apparently there was a typhoon that hit Mindanao this week, we hiked up to the top of a cliff and looked out over the area, and the wind started to blow super hard, but no rain. Later in the evening we were talking with some people and they said that there was a typhoon that day.
So since the 7.2 earthquake in Bohol there have been upwards of 300 aftershocks, and then the typhoon that hit Tacloban was the second typhoon to flood super bad, and then just this last one that hit Mindanao flooded there too. so that means the last 2 were some of the worst typhoons. Everyone here is doing amazing!!!

This week we got our Zone Jersey, it is a custom jersey and shorts, it was about 600 pesos, or about 17 dollars for a custom jersey and gym shorts!!! you can barely buy dirt for that in America!!! yeah!!!!!!!!

this week is the first time that we have actually had IBD's, they are not until February but there are 3 that we have scheduled, now we just need them to come to church and keep the commitments that we give them!!!

-Elder Gwapo-Larson

Sorry I am not posting anything other than what he is sending my computer is being a pain in my rear right now!! Until next time......

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