Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 11, 2014

WOW THIS WEEK WENT FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So last P-day we went fishing for ISDA (fish), which i guess makes perfect sense!!! That was pretty fun, but it was almost like going catching instead of fishing, we were at a fish pond... it was super sayon(easy) i caught 2 in about 30 seconds. The fish here is actually super good, i don't know if it is just because they are super fresh or if it is just good because i am forced to eat it!!!
On Thursday we went on splits again, i was the leader in our area, in ONE day we were able to get 10 lessons!!!! in one day that is UNREAL!!!! and we got a new IBD, right now in my area there are 8 investigators with a baptismal date!!! that is an unreal number!!! especially since i was in training until now! so we have an EXTRA hour of studies!!!
on Friday we had an OK day, mainly because i had just gone and taught the entire teaching pool the day before!!! we got a few new investigators. we were in a lesson with a Pentecostal, and Elder Ewell decided that because he knew about the Bible, because he just finished the New Testament that he could bible "debate" but he started to bible bash the man.... lets just say the Pentecostal knew A LOT more than Elder Ewell... he was super angry, he kept arguing how the Bible is the only word of God and that it was "PERFECT". i decided to bring up 2Ne29:8-10, about the bible being the only word of god... he was really quite after that... he just didn't want to say anything more, because i had disproved him. i gave him the 17 points to the true church card as well, hopefully that works for the benefit of us and doesn't hurt, their doctrine was perfect except for the lack of the Priesthood and then the prayer... and he was super humble and had faith. he was really awesome after we got over the bible bash!!!
Sunday was pretty awesome!!! we had 6 investigators attend church!!!! that is a new high, and then they are able to keep their IBD!!!! and we finished the week with a total of 26 lessons!!!!
mOnDaY was CRAZY!!! we only got one lesson, we had Zone Training meeting until 2, and then transfer calls, then lunch, and because i am DL's companion we had to go and check apartments, so we didnt start work until about 5... then we had an FHE about a 20 minute motor cycle ride away from our area. wow!!! crazy!!! oh yeah so about transfer calls, i am staying here in Consolacion, but Elder Ewell is transferring to Bohol, he will be the ZL for the Tagbilaran Zone. That is crazy!!! my new companion for at least a few weeks is Elder Francis, he is from the Tacloban Mission, and by the end of this next transfer they want all the missionaries back in Tacloban!!! so i dont know how long i will have him for!!! he is from Brisbane Australia!!! so i was there a couple of years ago!!! so it is a small world, hopefully i will be able to pick up an Australian accent in just a few weeks!!!
Today!!!! we got to go to the TEMPLE again!!!! yeah!!! 3 times at the temple in 3 months... wow three months already!!! time flies by so fast.... especially when having loads of fun and doing work... there is no time to do anything else, but the time is super fast!!!

-Elder POGI-Larson

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