Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014

well this week has been weird, and hard, and fun, and just all around different.
Thursday, we went to the mission office to pick up my new companion and to drop off elder Ewell, then i got to see my junior-junior batch... there is 90% sisters, there were only 2 elders. oh yeah, so my new companion is Elder Francis from Brisbane Australia, about 40 minutes from Australia zoo!!! he got to see and shake hands with Steve Irwin before he died. that is so crazy!!! and then when i first saw him, i thought to myself that i knew him before the mission, i swear i saw him when i was in Australia...
on Saturday we went to Lahug to the chapel for a devotional, we didn't really know who was going to be speaking but when we got there we found out that it was Sister McConkie, and Sister Burton. if you don't know who they are, they are the general relief society president and the general young women's president!!! then Elder Arden, the area presidency.
on our way back from the devotional there was a guy walking across the street, and there was a car that didn't see him, that is about all i want to share... he is alive still though. that was the first and only car accident i have seen while here, the drivers are all super crazy but for some odd reason they never get in any accidents!!!
On Monday we got no lessons because we went to the city to Chong Hua hospital, elder Francis has an ingrown toenail and it is super bad, and then i asked them about this thing on my pinkie, the doctor said that he will need to remove it, so we set a return appointment for tomorrow (Thursday)
on Tuesday we had an AMAZING day planned out, but then no one was home!!! it was about 102'F without the humidity so it was so much hotter with the humidity!!! we spent the entire day walking around, we got 2 lessons out of the 12 that we planned out!!! and then we got a wa'y klaro (not clear) referral from the sisters in Consolacion 2, we spent 2 hours walking around through the bukid looking for her...
WEDNESDAY, well we just got off the phone with President Tanner. Well dang... Lets just put it this way, this is my last week with him, so i gotta make the most of it!!! He goes back to the Tacloban mission on Sunday!!! i am so sad!!! i am going to miss him, i feel like i just really got to know him, now i gotta say goodbye... this week is starting off terrible, and then it will end terrible as well, i lose my companion, and we only have 2 days to work this week... darn:(

But i guess i will look at the positive side of it!!! i am kugihan sa Cebuano language, i am able to teach all the lessons and do small talk with everyone. I talked to several taxi drivers, and got to know them on our 4 hours of riding in taxis this week!

He also said he is doing wonderful. He has gained 30 pounds which made me laugh because I have lost 30 pounds. I told him how much more I wanted to lose and he told me NO because he didn't want to find that much more. hahaha  Kid still cracks me up.

Until next time......

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