Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19, 2014

March  11, 2014

Well, i have no clue at all how long i have actually been on my mission, all i know is that i have to make it through today, and then today will be over, and it will be tomorrow.

this week was pretty crazy! remember how last week i got put into a trio, well on Saturday one of them (ELDER RAYMUDO) got ET(ed) or in English he was Emergency Transferred, because of the missionaries going back to the Tacloban Mission! so there were 3 that went back this week and president didn't want to have 4 trios, so that means that i get to kill Elder Veloria myself!!!! yay!!! i have started mission off crazy, i have become a serial killer the past transfer, i will have killed 2 different missionaries in 1 transfer!!!

i also received news about this coming transfer, because i am going to be killing elder veloria, i will be staying here in CONSOLACION 1B, and then i will also be helping the new elders/sisters, open up the 1A. That means that this next week or 2 i need to learn that area. so our area is the entire Lacion 1 ward, which is HUGE!!! just to give an idea of our teaching pool, we have 59 investigators, 55 less actives, 6 recent converts, and we still do finding every day!!! it is so crazy!!!

Saturday and Sunday was the first ever Semi-annual stake conference for the Consolacion Stake. it was super awesome, the stake president talked about "Sister Yolanda" how she is the most amazing Visiting Teacher, Home Teacher, and missionary. Before the typhoon November 8 in Tacloban and surrounding areas, the average attendance for church was between 30-100, but after the typhoon the attendance was upwards of 500-700 everywhere!!

Monday elder Raymundo left to Lilo-an 3. we also had our Zone Training Meeting, it was awesome! we also had Elder Jackson(area doctor/medical consultant) come and talk to us about health, because there is a lot of injuries, sickness, and other stuff!!!

yesterday we had to pay bills or they were going to disconnect us... so we spent about 3 hours standing in lines waiting to pay the bills, if i wasn't 6'1" and WHITE i could have just snuck to the front and payed, but we just had to wait. it was so crazy long. and tedious!!!

um that is about it!!! love you all! hope you are all having so much fun!!! because i know i am! kita kits, gihigugma ta mo!!!

March 19, 2014

Wow!!!!!!! time goes by super fast when you are busy, i don't even have much to write about this week, it just went by so fast!!!

this week on Friday we had a temple tour for our investigators, we had 6 of them come, there were 5 kids, and then the "live in" of their mom. the MOM is a member, also a RM, but the divorce laws here are difficult. we did the tour and walked around the temple then we got to go inside and everyone got to feel the quiet and sublime feeling inside. there is not a quiet place in the Philippines other than inside the temple... so they got to experience that, and it helped them with wanting to be baptized. They flat out told us that they wanted to be baptized, we had been struggling with getting them to want to be baptized, but after this they all said they wanted to be baptized!!!

so on Saturday we had the baptismal interview, and they all passed, but we have to move the baptismal date to April 12, they were supposed to be baptized this week on Saturday, but we need to have a little more commitment and help from the mom...

Sunday we gave them the new goal, and gave things that needed to do in order for baptism on the 12th of April... it was so awesome.

Tuesday we had to teach them about the law of tithing. it was so hard to teach, the language barrier and then i had to teach kids 11, and younger the importance and how to pay tithing!!! it was so crazy hard. then i didn't really get any help from my companion, he was just super quiet!!
well that is all i have to say!!!

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