Friday, March 28, 2014

March 27, 2014

well i will just start off by saying this week can't be over yet, it just started!!!! but i guess it is....
This transfer i have been pretty destructive with the Consolacion 1 ward... at least with the missionaries, i will now demonstrate what happened this last transfer.
DAY 10-Deported E. Francis to TACLOBAN MISSION
DAY 39-KILLED E. Veloria to his HOUSE in Pangasinan
The ward went from having 4 missionaries six weeks ago to having 1, i am leading 2 areas, and helping the zone leaders in their area... i am super busy, have no time to do anything but work and study, which i guess is SUPER AWESOME, cause then the time goes by faster!!!

So tomorrow is transfers, my new companion is Elder Durham, from CANADA, so i will have had a companion from UTAH, AUSTRALIA, PHILIPPINES(GEN-SAN, PANGASINAN), UTAH, UTAH, and now CANADA. i get my new companion and i am staying in the same area. CONSOLACION 1B. tomorrow i am going to be bringing 3 new missionaries to the house!!! yay, now there will actually be people!!!

I am starting to love the language, and i am able to speak somewhat fluently and understand a good portion. 

the food... all i have to say about the food is that... IT IS DELICIOUS!!!! well most of the time anyway. 

my favorite things are the people, the hours and the service, also growing myself. right now i am in Helaman 5, in 6 weeks i have read this far, and for those of you that knew me before my mission can vouch for me, I NEVER READ, i hated reading, and if i started to read i would fall asleep!!!

my least favorite things are that i am not nearly as good as i want to be, or i thing i should be at this point. 

I just got out the trio with E. Raymundo, and E. Veloria, but now i am in a trio again with the ZL's. my favorite companion so far was Elder Francis, we just had so much fun together, my least favorite was Elder Veloria(mainly because he was super trunky.

Right now i am the temporary DL, and i guess in a way a ZL, i do all the things the ZL's do, it is kapoy(tiring/tired)!!! I AM SUPER TIRED, i got super sick this last week, i think possibly pneumonia, or bronchitis... but it is slowly getting better, i also read from ALMA 26 to HELAMAN 1.... kapoy!!!

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