Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 8, 2014

April 1, 2014

well, i always say this, but TIME GOES BY TOO FAST!!!! well in about 6 days i am officially at my 6 month mark, my companion suggested that we but ice cream and burn a tie, the cool thing about my companion right now, is he is only 3 months older than me in the mission, so he just went through this a little while ago!!! this week was a little more different, it was in some ways harder, and in other ways it was super easy!!!
right now i am basically being retrained how to teach effectively, and properly, PMG(preach my gospel) is one of the best teaching tools, and resources!!! i have really underused it! my new companion and i have gotten a nickname from everyone in the mission, we are "THE POWERHOUSE COMPANIONSHIP." it is just about one of the best companionship's in the mission right now... we have the best area, and we are teaching like PMG... it is amazing how effective it is!

n Thursday i brought 3 new missionaries to the Consolacion 1 apartment, i then spent Thursday and Friday showing them around their area, and introducing them to some of the members and the investigators... their area was basically DEAD, they are resurrecting their area now... it is super hard, and right now we are rebuild/resurrecting our area too...


April 8, 2014

well, i hate to say it but THAT WAS THE FASTEST 6 MONTHS. well this week was super fast because we were working hard... (OF COURSE)

on Thursday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders, we were down in a place called "DECCA HOMES" it is almost right in the center of our area, and while there we saw a white man looking up at what looks to be a very expensive home, that has been being built for the last 4 months... we stopped and talked to him... lets just say IT IS SUPER HARD TO SPEAK IN ENGLISH AFTER 4 MONTHS OF JUST TRYING TO SPEAK CEBUANO!!!! but we were talking to him about his life and everything, he is from LONDON, ENGLAND... so we couldn't talk about the gospel too much, so we asked him about the house he was having built... it is a 6.2 million peso house or about 139-thousand USD... it was so crazy, he was then talking about how he is going to be putting up 16 Filipinos from the streets in it.

on Thursday we also saw a bunch of kids playing basketball, and they challenged us to a game... so of course 2 6'+ missionaries said yes to play against them. we challenged them to a game to 10, if we won we got to teach them for 5 minutes and if we lost, we had to go, they thought that was good because there were 4 of them so... to make the story short we won 10-2... then we taught them... it was awesome, they all actually seemed pretty interested.

this week has also been super rough!!!! we have been doing a lot of "FINDING, TRACTING, SEARCHING, LOOKING, SEEKING etc." this week we have probably walked about 140+ KM. it has been super hard, but we have been pulling through... we are also having a TON of success, well and of course i am getting in better shape now...

well my companion is super legit, and i am so glad to have him, he keeps me from going crazy and killing the other missionaries. so it is super helpful!!

for the last 4.5 months i have done dishes EVERY DAY, it has turned into a workout in the morning, it is kinda fun... in a way. we have all been eating healthy.. vegetables, and fruit, and just eating all the food groups!!!

basta, kita ta sunod semana!!!

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