Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014

well, happy Easter everyone!!!! i don't remember how we celebrated Easter, but i don't think that it was quite like it is in the Philippines... I cant really tell you what really happened here, but if you would like to find out go right on ahead and do some research... "HOLY WEEK IN THE PHILIPPINES," you may find some stuff that could, and should SHOCK THE HECK OUT OF YOU!!!

this week was really super awesome... (notice the emphasis) this week was my first BAPTISM!!! yay!!! We have been waiting for this one for about 3 months... which is about 2 transfers ago... i am super glad that i had the opportunity to see this one through until they were baptized. I was the baptizer of course, Nicka, Kate, and Russell... it was so crazy, i almost had to drown Kate, and Nicka because their hair kept floating to the surface!!! so we had to redo them once more each... After the actual baptism we got to confirm them as well, it was so cool. Elder Durham got to confirm Russell, and we both were in the circle for the confirmations!

so i don't know if anyone knows about the "DIRTY ICE-CREAM" but if any of you decide to come to the Philippines to get some ice cream, make sure you DO NOT get it from the ice cream vendors that ride either a bike down the road, or a motor cycle... it is not the most healthy... and you could possibly get super sick from it... (like dead)... dead is not a good sickness diba?

well this week was a good one, it is crazy how just by being EXACTLY obedient we recieve more blessings, and we receive guidance, and super amazing investigators. OBEDIENCE IS KEY TO HAVE SUCCESS!!! it really works!!!!!! sigi amping mo, wala ko og lain sa makaistoria... gihigugma ta mo!!!! 

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