Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 29, 2014

This week was pretty interesting, so as everyone knows, last week was my first baptism, and this week was their first week as members. We went and visited them because we had no one else to visit. We had planned on visiting them like the next day, but then we just kinda went there.

while there the youngest one is super happy, because... "Now that we are members we don't have to do that reading thing anymore." well lets just say that talk went pretty well with them, we spent about the next 30 minutes telling them about the importance of ENDURE TO THE END... it was pretty good, we then made sure that they were going to be coming to church, and then the next day they didn't come to church... man, some of the false traditions are super hard to get out of the people....

This last week we also had a CRAZY CSP(community service project) we went up to the bukid(wilderness/forest/mountain) to cut down some trees to make charcoal to cook with, we had to climb about 400+ yards at about a 75` angle, so basically we were rock climbing without ropes to get to the top. The sisters took forever to get to the top, and this CSP was almost pushing the boundaries between being safe, and not. The best part about this is.. i am the only one who brought some machetes... it is a good thing that i went to the public market and bought 3 of them before we left. so as of right now i have 8 machetes. They are super cheep which is super good, and i may have to leave some of them in this area so i have room for the more important stuff.

This week is going to be the last one i have with Elder Durham... it is going to be super fun, and this week i should be transferring.... i have no clue where to yet, but people have been saying Bogo, and others have said Bohol. either way i know i will be going where i need to be, where i can do the most effective work, and help the most people.
This week i also started to get a little sick, i hope it doesn't get too bad, cause that will not be very good, especially if i transfer.

-Elder POGI-Larson

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