Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 16, 2014

this week was super nindot kaayo! it has also been super difficult, the best part about it is that i don't ever remember all the struggles and difficulties. This week we had a TON of tracting, finding, and searching(go figure, right???).... we have been doing a ton of that the last while, our teaching pool started at about 6 people 3 weeks ago and now we are about to 24.

we found a 7 year old, gave him a articles of faith card, we asked if we could come and visit with his family. he said that we definitely could. so of course we went and visited them, they started off when we got there saying "GINOO MAN GIHAPON," that is probably the worst thing to hear when you are a missionary... they kept saying that until we started teaching, and bearing testimony, then they just kinda got quiet... they then decided that what we were teaching something pretty cool, and that they hadn't heard anything like it. we got a good follow up lesson with them as well.
we had another pretty cool lesson, it was later in the evening, about 7 pm. we were on our way to another teaching appointment, and elder Durham and I walked by a little place on the side of the road where they have a barbecue, and then about 10 seconds later we looked at each other, and both said, "Lets go back to them." it turns out they have been "searching for the true church" they have tried basically every other church... and they had just started to give up hope!!! well lets just say, we were led to them, just at that exact time.
well today we went to the TEMPLE, that makes it 6 times now going to the CEBU TEMPLE, i was super lucky to be put where i was for my first area!!!! i am so happy that i got to go... i don't know if you all know, or if you have seen it, but there is a BRAND NEW, newer than the last one 6 months ago, temple video!!! all i can say really about it is... I CANNOT FALL ASLEEP DURING IT, THE OLD ONE I COULD, BUT I CANNOT!!!! IT IS SO AMAZING!!!!
well i just want to do a couple of shout outs!!!
1-ELDER LARSON THE OLDER: MAAYO MAN!!! I am so glad you got a glimpse of the heat that i have spent the last 6 months in without getting a break!!!!! also nindot ang imong WEEKLY LETTER!!!!
2-THE SANDY 2nd WARD: THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO!!! That was pretty cool!!! i wasn't expecting anything like that!!!
3-FOR MY PARENTS (Janel, Rachel, and Harvey): KAMO *y'all ARE SO AMAZING!!!! i love you all!!! i dont know what i would be without all the time and effort you put into me!!

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