Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 15, 2014

well hello again to everyone, i really hope that everyone is going good this week!!!

this week was one of the craziest that i have been here so far, mainly because of how hard we worked, with everything. so i told you all about our American investigator named Brother Hope right...? well if not, oh well, so this week we taught brother hope and his Filipino friend (JEFF) about the Word of Wisdom. last week brother hope told us that he had been smoking since he was like 7 years old, and had never had a cough, but since he has been in the philippines breathing in the NOT CLEAN air he has developed a cough... so we were at brother hopes house, and he was super busy talking with someone trying to get a deal on a car, so we taught his wife (filipina) in cebuano, and then told him that we would be back to teach him later... so when we got back, we started to teach, and we taught about it, then about 10 minutes into the lesson, they both told us that they had just been talking about quiting smoking and drinking!!!! and that just before we had gotten there they had made an 'action plan' to stop and to live better lives/more healthy lives.

so we told them that we WILL and WOULD LOVE to do anything to help them with their action plan, so we made a plan to come over and workout at 4:30 every morning except sunday so that they would change their morning habit..... well, that was probably one of the hardest things.... (mainly because we dont go to bed until 10:30, then we got up at 4:00 to get ready.... it felt so good in the morning because there was no smoke, and it was almost cold!!!!

this week we also got our first IBD.... that was our good friend ROBERTO(the ex highered killer)

we also did a ton of tracting/finding and got 8/16 lessons.... it was crazy awesome! also this week we were "KILLING IT"<--no pun intended... we got 21 other lessons and 4 Less Active lessons!!!! we also got 7 new investigators!!!!

TRANSFER WEEK IS THIS WEEK!!! so i could, or couldnt be in a different area, or have a new companion!!! i guess we will find out tomorrow night!!!!

-Elder POGI-Larson

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