Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 8, 2014

kini nga email, gusto ko pagsulat sa poros nga Cebuano, apan kay kahibalo ko nga walay nasabtan ninyo. but, i know that none of you will understand what i am saying so i will write it all in English.
so this week i will just answer some questions about random stuff, so if you want your questions to be answered, just email me and ask!!!

What area your living arrangements?? 
it has 3 rooms, a living room connected with the kitchen. then we have a bedroom with 2 sets of bunk beds. There are no actual closets, so we bought the fabric ones that you can just set up.
we just barely got 2 desks to study on, we are still missing 2. i spent the first 3 weeks studying on a couch... it wasn't half bad, i miss my couch
How big is your apartment? about 400 square feet... maybe smaller....
How do you handle who bought what food???
usually we just put it in our own separate corners, mine goes under my desk, or on the top shelf of the fridge, usually we aren't too picky.
Do you eat much pineapple???
I eat as much pineapple as i can, i love the stuff, especially when i can walk out and pick it myself... it is so good, occasionally it is expensive, but nevertheless it is still delicious
OH YEAH!!! i almost forgot, we have a new investigator this week, that used to be a CONTRACT KILLER!!! what the!?!?!?! we just ran into him, his health is super bad, and he was saying that he really wants to find religion, i don't know how this will turn out, but it will hopefully be pretty good!
This last sunday i also gave a 30 minute talk on the Godhead, lets just say that was super hard, i was so nervous, because the other speakers didnt show up for church, so the group leader (Elder Caycayon) asked if i would talk for a little bit longer than he had told me to speak... so i stalled as much as i could and explained everything in Cebuano, and then again re-explained it in English.

I also have a question, so ELDER LARSON THE OLDER in the Omaha Nebraska mission is my junior batch, and i was wondering if it would even be possible that him and i could arrive home at the same exact time to go down the escalator together, i know that it is still 1 year and 3 months away, but i have been thinking about how cool that would be for us.

-Elder POGI-Larson

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