Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Yes, once again I fell behind. Go figure. 

Oh man, ya gotta love BROTHER HOPE!!! that is how our mornings go. we get up at 4:30 to go and exercise with Brother Hope and his son Darius 5 times in the last 7 days.... once we get there all we hear (in a georgian accent) is "WAHOOOOO, you made it and everything." this week we got to take a break on Friday and of course on Sunday.  I cant even describe how tired i am in words, but the joy and satisfaction i get from it makes it all a blur... So our schedule is 4:30 wake up, 4:50 leave the house... 5:05 start warm up, and then about5:30 we play something. This week we played tennis, baseball, basketball, football, ping-pong, ran a relay race/circuits. it was so much tiring.....

In the mission there is a joke that is about waking up on time. The missionary schedule goes... 6:30 wake up then study, then everything... but the point is that we HAVE to wake up at 6:30, it is the easiest rule to follow... so the spirit wakes up at 6:30 as well, so if we wake up at 6:31 we are 1 minute behind the spirit and we will never catch him during the day. But for Elder McQuiston and i we like to start off a little early, and get ahead of the spirit so we can be guided a little bit better so we get up super early!!!

THIS WEEK WAS INSANE!!! our new district is amazing!!! this week we did the IMPOSSIBLE!!! we had some missionaries get 24, 26, 29, and 22 lessons. that is unheard of in Tagbilaran zone!!!! we were KILLING IT!!! we got the 29 lessons, 10 new investigators and we also didnt have bikes this week until friday! so we just had to walk to the furthest point of our area!

(\   /)

(=+=) <--- here is a bunny.... i hope you are all doing super good, because i am!

He is a month off it will be 9 months in 2 days!!!

10months is in 2 days on the 9th of JULY!!!

1.   How are you?
I AM GREAT, really tired, this week has been a really rough one... also super cool, and just well buwang*CRAZY
2.   How is the teaching going?
This week we got 26 lessons, and we had 4 investigators come to chuch. GOING AMAZING!
3.   Are you still doing the early morning workouts?
We still do the workouts, 4:30 wake up and then we go through the entire day... it is super exhausting!!!
4.   Has Bro Hope quit smoking?
We started a challange with Brother Hope, we told him that it is bad that he smokes, drinks, and what-not... he then told us that it is bad that we eat pork, and red meat. So we made a deal with him and said that we would not eat red meat or pork for one week and he would not smoke or drink for one week... he agreed and we made the punishment for the person who breaks the "FAST." 100 pushups and about a 3 mile run!
5.   How is the possible TB investigator?
Roberto(TB investigator) passed away yesterday morning... we would go to his house to try and teach him and everytime that we would we would either not hear him cause he was sleeping or he would be trying to yell for help... saying, "Tabangi ko! Tabangi ko!" I feel so bad for him, i just wish i could have done more to help him!
6.   Did the bikes get fixed???
We did get the bikes "fixed," we got them back on Thursday, and now they are getting broken down again, my pedal is still super messed up. but they are "FIXED" now...
7.  4TH of July.. What did you do?!
well, we basically forgot that it was the 4th of july, but then on the 5th here (4th at home), we had a match war... at about 10:00 A.M. which was a crazy coincidence that we did that right at the exact time that fireworks were going off at home!

well, this week has been super crazy!!! we had a ton of success and only a few downs, but keep moving forward!

-Elder POGI-Larson

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