Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014 yes I am a week behind again!!!

NEXT WEEK IS TRANSFER WEEK, Which means that we will be emailing on WEDNESDAY here!!! that is apparently the new schedule!!!! so just so you all know!!!!
How are you?
I AM VERY GOOD, this last week we had zone interviews(interviews with president tanner. we have been going crazy hard this last week or so, trying to make something good happen in this area!

How is the work going?
this week we struggled getting lessons until Saturday... we had maybe one or two lessons each day except for Saturday(on Saturday we had 8)

How is Brother Hope?
brother hope is crazy as usual. we haven't been able to do much with him, but he does know now that he does need to be baptized as Jesus does, he just thinks that some other religion has priesthood authority...

Do you guys mostly cook for yourselves?
we almost always(ALWAYS) cook for ourselves... usually we cook some basic stuff like rice with pancit noodles, and maybe some longaniza. but usually towards the end of the week we start running out of food to cook.... so we usually try to save some spaghetti for on sunday night (SPAGHETTI SUNDAY)

How does that work with your schedule???
We eat lunch from 11-12, then we go out to work at 12, then we dont eat dinner until we get home for the night 8-9 (depending on the night) then we do it all over again....

Are you still hand washing everything in this area???
I am still doing all of my laundry by hand, it is super tiring, but it is getting a little bit easier. lets just say for my whites, i use a lot of bleach. I also like doing it because it is a good work-out.

Do they have laundry mats there???
there are no Laundry mats here... mainly because it is super expensive for electricity. we can pay some one to do our laundry by hand, but that is generally pretty expensive..

What foods do you have easy access to?  Eggs, Milk, Butter, Veggies, I am just trying to picture what you eat besides balut (however it is spelled) and whole cooked pig!!!
Balut is generally an everyday thing(if you have the money for it) there is a guy that rides a bike 
around with a Styrofoam container on the back full of the balut so you just buy it from him.

But the other stuff (eggs, veggies, snack foods) are super easy to get, there are places called TINDAHANS (which is Tagalog) it is basically translated to a place where things are sold(or a mini mart), they are EVERYWHERE, and we can just walk across the street to get that stuff. milk is harder, so is butter...
   garlic-3pesos a clove
Milk-88pesos a liter
butter-120pesos a stick

Do you eat more Rice or noodles???
Usually we eat rice with our noodles, or noodles with our rice... it is a very HIGH CARB diet.

What is your daily routine???
Wake up, eat, shower, study, study, study, eat, work, come home, eat, plan, get ready for bed, and sleep, then... REPEAT;)

What was the best thing about the last week?

What was your most spiritual moment this last week?

So i am not sure what news you all get from the Philippines, but this last week there were 2 Typhoons that hit, one of them was Typhoon Glenda, and the other one was Typhoon Henry... This last week was super cold, and rainy, probably got about 14 inches of rain..... it is so unreal how much it rains here!!!!!

Well, i dont have too much to write about this week, we got transfer calls yesterday, and Elder Mcquiston and i have one more transfer together!!! So i am staying in Panglao Bohol for at least another 6 weeks.
Next week our P-day goes back to Monday, this week was the longest ever!!! 9 days between P-days, and 8 of them being full work days!!!
Yesterday we were a little Bugoy and did some videoke with some of our investigators and sang some songs for BRT purposes only, of course!!!

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