Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 3, 2014. I am not behind this week

How are you?

I am good, i have been a lot better, but i am doing good. this week, even though it has only been 5 days since last P-day, has been one of the longest weeks of my life let alone my mission.

What was the best thing to happen to you in the last week?
One of the best things is that i am at DAY 300 of  my mission, and i am doing really good, i have become a ton more fluent in the language but there are still a ton of people that say that i am not VIS-DOK(BIS-DOK)*or visayan dako, or in english FLUENT in Cebuano. Another good thing is that we have been doing really good as a companionship, i love elder McQuiston, he is probably one of my favorite comps, if not my favorite up to this point!

Are you staying relatively dry?

I am trying to stay dry, usually it goes pretty well, but there have been like 4 Typhoons in the last 2 weeks or so! (Glenda, Henry, Inday, and this one that starts with a J). usually we get pretty wet if it starts to rain because it just opens the gates of heaven and poors super hard!

How is the teaching/work going?


Do you do laundry on P day along with all the other stuff?

I do my own laundry pretty much every week if at all possible, usually it has to be broken down between days because we have to hand wash everything, it is super difficult and tiring.

Do you hang clothes outside or inside to dry?
The clothes hang outside until they stop dripping then i bring mine in and hang them on a clothes line tied in between the beds.

Do you have bunk beds?
We do have bunk beds, i sleep on the bottom bunk and have since i got in the mission. i have a sheet up blocking out the light and making it more of my personal area...

What is your "typical" P day like?
Typical p-day is... we wake up at 6:00, then we get ready for the day, we start personal studies at ​
7:00, then at 8:00 we have companionship study, until about 8:45, then we get ready for the day. at 9:00 we leave for Tagbilaran city(about an hour long bus{jeepny} ride). when we get to Tagbilaran we go to the top of BQ mall to email. at the end of email we go and shop for food/groceries, then we try and find something fun and effective to do with our time. At 6:00 we start doing missionary work.
THIS WEEK WITH BROTHER HOPE WE WATCHED A COUPLE OF ANTI-MORMON VIDEOS... brother Hope has been doing his research on the church, the only problem is that he went to for the anwers and not anywhere else!
We have a L.A.(less active member) who really loves the scripture John14:15, and everytime we go over to teach him he shared that scripture and then he also shares the scripture in 1Corinthians 1:18

-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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