Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 10, 2014.... Hearing from him fills my heart with love

How was your week? my week was SUPER FREAKING LONG!!!!! i dont know what it is but the last couple of weeks has been ridiculously long!!! I feel like i got munched, and punched and scrunched, and i just really wanted to use the ending UNCHED... just me being random as always.

What was the spiritual highlight of the last week?
i honestly cant think of one, mainly because we didnt really have one. i guess the highlight was me giving another talk on sunday, i gave a talk on TEACHING THE GOSPEL. it was super difficult because i was super unprepared... i think that is talk number 8 or 9 on my mission so far. actually maybe more... i lost count!
OH YEAH WE DID HAVE SOMETHING SUPER COOL!!! we have a new investigator, we told her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and the next visit we followed up on that and she said that she did do it, and that she knows that the BOM is true, and that Joseph Smith was called to be a Prophet!!!! she was super awesome!!!(98% of the time they didnt even open the book to the assignment let alone prayed)

Did you have any adventures or fun activities in the last week?
well, we did sorta, elder McQuiston and i are working on climbing coconut trees, it is super difficult and scary as well! we also do a little bit of a race on our bikes....... if they are working.............

How are your investigators? 
our investigators are doing good, there are very few of them now...

You have been through 4 typhoons now, what is that like?
these typhoons (bagios) are just super small so it is just a ton of rain and a little bit of rain!

What do you do to keep safe?
we go out and do missionary work gihapon(as well), even though there is rain and what-not...

Are your bikes holding up or are you back to walking?
bikes are broken as always, i need to buy some tools today so i can just fix it myself so it is quicker than taking it all the way to tagbilaran every week....

With all the rain and mud is it more muddy to walk or bike??
it depends on the day, but most likely biking gets us more muddy... mainly our backs and pants....

how much the island you are on compares to Hawaii??
well there are a ton of Filipinos, and a ton of Koreans... i think that our area is pretty close to what it is like in Hawaii, the culture is just a ton different!!!

SO... this week we dropped brother Hope as an investigator, for many reasons... it was super hard to do it, mainly becasue we have grown so close to him, we will continue to visit him of course
Last night we had some fun with a ton of drunk people... it is crazy how many people "DON'T HAVE MONEY TO COME TO CHURCH" but then they have money to buy alcohol. we have 1 investigator that spends 6,000 pesos ($138.68) on alcohol every month.... their average salary is about 300 pesos ($6.82) a day.... so that means 2/3 of his money is going to his drinking...

So elder McQuiston and i were changing a light bulb in our house, and the ceiling is about 12 feet tall so he was standing on a table changing it... lets just say, long story short, these tables in the philippines arent made to hold a 200 pound american missionary... and the table is no more!!!!

also the last thing is in the last 3 days i have popped 10 holes in my bike tires, 8 of them at one time!!! that is so crazy!!!!

-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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