Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 24, 2014

How the heck are you???  Please use MORE than 6 words to describe your current state without using "fine" or "tired".
I am really good, this week we had a ton of NINDOT*cool things happen. we have a new IBD(investigator with a baptismal date). she is our Landlady, and has come to church 3 times, before we even visited her... Then she basically gave herself the IBD, we told her the soonest that she could be baptized and then she told us that she wanted that date!!!

I get the feeling that Pangalo Island is mostly rural except for the resorts...Is that true???  What do the people do to make a living there??? 
Panglao Island is very rural except the resorts, there are a ton of PAYAGS*shacks made of bamboo. about 80% of the people make a living by either MANGISDA*fishing or working at a resort.

What was the BEST thing you ate in the last week??? 
What was the WORST thing you ate in the last week???
i dont know what the "BEST" thing was. but this week is FIESTA!!!! so that means that this week is going to be full of crazy foods and good foods.
this last week pretty much all that i ate was Pancit Canton, and Hard Boiled Eggs...

How many other people live in the apartment building you and the other Elders live in??  Are they interested in hearing what you have to say???
there are 6 different appartment buildings, with all of them being rented by Foreigners!!! there are probably 20 people that live in the complex. we used to have one investigator in the complex. they usually dont stay very long here....
right now there is a couple from Belarus and Greece, and then a ton of Americans. Our Landlady is super awesome!!!

Are the bikes holding up??  Did you get the tool kit so you can fix them yourselves???
Bikes broke down again!!!! i fixed 12 flat tires this week, and then on friday the bike broke down for the week, the rear gear shifter broke again!!!!! it didnt even last one week..... also ALL the rear gear pieces broke off... PASTILAN!!!

Do you hear any news about what is going on in the world or throughout the Philippines???
we hear NO news at all, and we dont even know the weather until it is hitting us... we have no clue that there is going to be a BAGIO*typhoon, until it hits us... it is super fun!!!

You said your Sunday services are at a members house.  How far is it to her house???
it is about 50 maybe 70 yards away from our house, it is super close!!!

Have you been able to get any investigators to church???
We have, there are a few of them that simba*worship/come to church, but they usually arent very frequent... they will come for a week, then not come again...

So how does that work meeting in someone's house.  Do you have the traditional 3 meeting block??? 
we do have the 3 meeting block, so for us SACRAMENT IS FIRST, then after sacrament we have the sunday school, and occasionally we as missionaries have to go and teach the primary class. or we go to the GOSPEL ESSENTIALS class. 

Are there member Priesthood leaders to conduct and bless the Sacrament or do the Missionaries do it each week???
we have about 5 priesthood holders in our group. they usually do it unless they dont make it to church... then we do. lets just say that the Sacrament prayers in Cebuano is SUPER HARD!!!! but it is possible

Is church all in Cebuano or a mix of English and Cebuano???
it depends on where we are, or if the people are wealthy, usually if they are wealthy they speak a ton of english.

How far away is the Mission Office??? 
it is about 5 hours maybe 6 away from our house. we would need to get on an hour long Jeepny drive, then get on a 30 minute motorcycle ride, then ride a boat for about 2 hours, then about an hour to hour and 30 minute jeepny ride over in Cebu...

So is it the Bohol Zone?? 
It is called Tagbilaran Zone, that i am in now. it is one of 3 zones in Bohol.
How often do you have zone conference???
We have one this week.... tomorrow actually. this is the 2nd one since president tanner got to the Philippines.

What was the best thing about the last week???
We met an RM, he served over in the Bocolod mission... we had a chat and told him how to get back to Tagbilaran City. He was super funny, we saw him pass by and he was super white, and he yelled out "KAMUSTA ELDERS?" and we both looked at each other... because no one ever speaks cebuano other than the locals to us....

Is there anyone we can pray for besides you, your brother, your companion, his companion, and missionaries in general???
i dont know, i would say no...

Any special names for the Temple???
nope, not this week
  1. we met a man from the Czech Republic, he was super kind to us.
  2. I have one question... so if we have a Bayut*(homosexual cross dresser) investigator, IS IT OK TO "FLIRT TO CONVERT"? haha just kidding that is super bad... right???

-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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