Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31, 2014

How are you??? (In MORE than 10 words please!)
i am a.... ok.... haha, i am good, there was a ton of stuff that has happened this week that i will have to tell you all about.... This week was FIESTA, which is super awesome, we had 14 meals in 2 days... SO MUCH FOOD, almost all of it was BABOY*pig, and KAN-ON*cooked rice. i was so full!!! it was so much food, we had 4 dinner appointments in a row.

How is your companion???
My companion is super good! we have been rocking it... We have had a ton of good things happen, and some not so good, but all is good.

How long have you two been together???
We have been together for almost 3 months, since about June 8th...

How long has he been out???
He has been out 1 year, this last week, or as known as my SENIOR BATCH. he entered the MTC 6 weeks before i did.

When are the next set of transfers???
transfers are this next week... which means that P-day will be on WEDNESDAY next week..

Are you anticipating staying put and together as before???
We should be separated, i will probably be transferring. but we aren't 100% on that, i just have been here for 3 transfers, so it is about time to transfer.

How is your landlady???  Is she on track with her baptism date???
LONG STORY>>>>>>>>>
SHE is super awesome, her baptism is this Saturday, we taught all the lessons in 2 weeks... the zone leader was over at our house for exchanges, and we were telling him that we were ready to baptize her, and that she just needed the interview then she was ready. right after we told him that he went out to "play with her monkey," then they talked about something. so later in the evening we had the baptismal interview and she passed, then i asked her who would be baptizing her, and she said that the Zone Leader(not going to name names....) had already talked with her about him baptizing her. So then we found out that we have to do a lot more things, like make sure that she is living the L.O.C. because she is not married... lets just say that we have to do the "dirty work" and then the zone leader who had no input gets to baptize our convert. so 3 years down the road when someone asks her who baptized her she can say "Elder ....." but not either one of us that are assigned in the area, and taught her the lessons... but the one that is the baptism robber, he just lives off of other missionaries so he can baptize.....!!! WALAY KLARO!!!! So aggravating

How is the teaching going???
the teaching is going super good, we have some new investigators (14 of them). they are from HALOTANGAN island(probably not spelled correctly) they are so amazing, every time we go over to visit them they all grab a bench, or they just sit on the ground while we visit. we have now visited them 3 times... they are lobster fishermen, they travel where the lobsters do. they are so amazing.

What was the Best thing you ate in the last week???
lechon baboy, a lot of it!!! also a bunch of pork adobo.

What was the WORST thing you ate in the last week???
dugo-dugo. just enough said.....

What was the HIGHLIGHT of the last week???
my highlight is that we had 3 days of FIESTA, and then on thursday, we had 5 lessons total because everyone was partying. then the next 3 days we taught 15 lessons!!!!

also on Tuesday night we got to watch a 98 kilo pig get ihaw-ed, it took about 5 minutes of the pig screaming bloody murder at 10:00 pm until it finally stopped...

  1. FIESTA!!! 3 days of no lessons, videoke, tons of food, and super drunk people!!!
  2. 5 lessons taught in 4 days...
  3. I got bit by a monkey on the back of the hand, it was super painful, but now it is ok...
  4. Got to help ihaw/kill a baboy*pig. 98 KILOS!!! almost 200 pounds!!!
  5. BROKEN BIKE again!!!
  6. we saw/met a 10 year old, that was smoking like a chain smoker, he was with 2-16 year old kids that were doing the same, we tried to convince them of the bad that they were doing, it didn't work.
  7. we have an investigator that we made a goal to cut down on his dili maayo nga mga kinaiya*bad habits. he went from 15 packs a week to 8, he also went from 8 bottles of alcohol a week to 1, and stopped drinking coffee.

-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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