Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014

well, it is that time again, the beloved TRANSFER DAY. This last transfer has been so amazing with Elder McQuiston!!! I just cant even tell you the adventures that we have had in the last week, let alone the last 3 months together!!! Just his example is exemplary! i am going to be leaving Panglao... but before i tell you all where i am transferring i figure i will tell you about what has happened in the last 9 days....
so last Tuesday, we were going out to work, on our bikes, i decided to be a little bit of a show-off, and i pulled a giant wheely. well, my back tire was super flat so it slid out from underneath the bike, and me.. and i fell straight on to my stomach/chest. lucky for me, nothing on my body got hurt.... but my camera did get broken pretty bad, it still takes pictures the screen just doesn't work.
on Wednesday morning at about 6:10 elder McQuiston got up to take a shower, and when he was on his way out of the bathroom he couldn't get out... it wouldn't activate the unlocking mechanism. so he climbed out the window pretty simply... other than the whole it being about 7 feet up off the ground and whatnot... so i climbed into the bathroom and used my magic skills, and 2 knifes i unlocked and opened the door and got out... it was such a fun time at 6:30 in the morning.
we had another flood in our house on Friday! the stupid sink keeps getting the hose loosened from it, so we had Sister Grace the landlady come over to fix it. about 30 minutes later it was good as new, we just had to clean up the water everywhere...
OH YEAH!!! this week we also had a farewell party/get together for one of the members who leaves on his mission, TOMORROW. it was so amazing, because we invited sister Grace(landlady) so she could get acquainted with the members from Panglao Group. there was a little bit of a cake icing fight! it was super legit, except for the sugar granules in the icing which kinda cut a little bit!
SO SATURDAY!!! we had our first baptism in Panglao B EVER!!!! we baptized Sister Grace Cadao! That was such an amazing baptism, the planning was amazing, and the follow through was awesome, after all the hard work that we had to do, it was amazing to see her be baptized! the only bad part is that it wasn't me doing the baptizing... but it is all good, we figured it all out and she is now a R.C. in Panglao B area....
SUNDAY!!! Sister Grace finally came to Panglao to go to church (she usually goes to Tagbilaran). The members were so amazing!!! she was also confirmed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost, lets just say........ 10 minutes later (no exaggeration) it was finally closed. Elder Caycayon (senior couple missionary) did the confirmation. it was so long, and the hand pile kept shifting because we all got super tired of holding our hands on her head for that long... needless to say we all needed to be in shape for it!
Last night (Tuesday) we received the transfer call on our way out to Dauis on a 20 minute hable-hable (motorcycle) ride. it was so weird, because of course i didn't receive the call, that was Elder McQuiston, we were both super excited. So the call came in as we were flying down the highway going about 50 KM/hr... (not lightning speed) but we recieved the call and got news that I AM TRANSFERRING to MANDAUE 1A and i will be the SENIOR COMPANION, i cant remember the name of my new companion, but he is a Filipino from ILO-ILO.

-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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