Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 21, 2014

How are you??? (Please use at least 4 (four) adjectives)???
I am really honestly quite very good, i am super sore, my right leg/knee area is starting to act up again. I am doing good other than that though!!!

Are you adjusting to city life again???
Slowly but surely, the real difference in city life is there is a ton more food options, and we pass by stores every day, so if we need any food we just buy it. Also it is super dirty, so i am struggling with bugas*acne because of the dirt.

How is your new companion???  He is a native Filipino, but speaks another language.  How are communications between you going???  Does he match your great work ethic???
My companion is doing amazing, ELDER EDOLOVERIO!!! He is a native Filipino and speaks Cebuano, Ilongo, Tagalog, and English. he is a native Ilongo speaker... here in the philippines there are 438+ different languages/dialects, so the only real language that everyone speaks are TAGALOG, and ENGLISH.
We do good at communicating, i mainly just speak to him in Cebuano and he understands it most of the time, and if it is deep Cebuano i just speak english, and then he understands that.

Does your companion have the support of his family???
Semi, his mom and dad are not members, and he is the first of 5 to serve a mission, he has been a convert for about 4 years now... 

Did you put in the request for bikes in your area???  Lets hope if they get you bikes, they are better quality than the last ones!!!
I havent yet, i dont know if i will, they would be nice and everything, but it might be overkill, and they are a little bit dangerous for the city...

Which floor of the apartment building do you live in???
we have a 2 floor apartment building, we study in the bottom in the kitchen area, and the other two elders study upstairs in a room by the bedroom. so we sleep upstairs.

Is it a 2 bedroom apartment again for the 4 missionaries???  Are you on bunk beds again???  It is a really good thing you have brothers and have been on bunks beds much of your life!!!e
we have bunk beds, i sleep on the bottom bunk now. It is not much different except now i need to wake up at 6:30 or earlier, before i could just roll over until 12

Are you appreciating the "real" shower even if it is all cold water???
It is pretty nice because i actually started to work out, so right after the work out i go and get in the shower and ice down... it is pretty relaxing, and after being in the shower for so long the water starts to feel a little warmer...

Do you have a oven in your kitchen in this apartment or is it just the usual sink, cook top and tiny fridge???
we have a gas stove, that half of it is broken and doesnt work, we have a medium size fridge, but is super tiny compared to the ones in america. and we have a toaster that we dont use...

Since there is an actual ward in your area, do the members feed you guys???
YEAH!!! it is amazing, we have 5 dinner appointments scheduled for the week already, this ward is so amazing, the members are all willing to help, the bishopric is also on top of everything, as well as his counsilors. Yesterday while we were sitting in PEC(priesthood executive council) i got a good look at how ready they are for progressing. they have amazing goals, and they are amazing!!!

What was the best thing about the last week???

the rain, i dont know if you all saw what happened, if not, you should go and look it up now, it was so much rain and so much fun!!!! we didnt go out to work until evening because our area was FLOODED so super bad!!!

  1. possible broken nose from playing basketball
  2. rained so hard that we couldnt work

-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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