Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 1, 2014

How are you? (Please use 2 complete sentences.)
I am good, my knee has been super sore, but mainly because there has been some major storms rolling through. Also i had a case of LBM, my stomach is not feeling too good, but it is starting to feel better slowly!!!

How was your week?
This last week we were killing it! We went on splits a couple of times! and we finished the week with 23 lessons... the only problem with our area is we have one entire part that no one wants us to teach them. (TIPOLO) on Friday we went on splits and ended up teaching 1 lesson total, even though we were both with a ward missionary. Today we went to the TEMPLE (i believe that this is #22 or #23 of my mission going to the temple

What was the best thing about the last week???
WE HAD THE BEST DINNER APPOINTMENT!!!  we had a very dato/Kwartahan (rich/wealthy) member take us out to eat. we went to an ALL YOU CAN EAT restaurant, and ALL YOU CAN DRINK (FREE REFILLS {over here there are no free refills}) I ate 4 plates FULL!!! I ATE crab, fish, pork, shrimp, sushi, rice, squid, octopus, ginamus, lobster, clams.

it was all so good, i know... dont be judging

I MADE SURE TO EAT MY 300 pesos worth of food... really it was super cheep for an all you can eat....

How often did you eat at members homes?
it depends some weeks we eat every night, right now we are trying to figure out a calendar or some type of schedule so it is even. the main problem is that all the active members and all the dinner appointments are in the sisters area...

Do you feel more settled in the city yet???
I feel more settled but... IT IS A VERY EXPENSIVE AREA!!! It is unreal and scary how much more money i have spent in this area so far... it is so sad how being in a city and being able to walk by an ATM. in Panglao there was 1 ATM, and it was in the other area. here i could pull money if i had it (and if i needed it) whenever.

How are things with your Comp???  Is the language getting easier for both of you to understand each other???
language is not a problem anymore, i just speak cebuano all the time, and i will mix in some english... it is super crazy living in a house with all Filipinos, and what is worse is they think that i am super DATO (KWARTAHAN)*rich because i am an American... as i said earlier in the letter, this area is expensive....
I HAVE SPENT 5,532 pesos in the last 13 days, our support is 3,900 pesos...

So are you in a 2 floor apartment in an apartment building???
yes, we are in a 2 floor building, we in an amazing house/apartment complex.. they are almost like town houses.

-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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