Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 26, 2014

Are you ever amazed at how fast time seems to be going???
It only goes fast when i get caught up in the work, but if it is a slow week and we arent teaching too many people then it GOES WAY TOO SLOW!!!!!!!!!!

How are you??? (Please use at least FOUR DIFFERENT adjectives to describe your current state.)
I am good, i have probably worked the hardest, been the most obedient, and struggled the most the last 4 days with my anak*kid!!! Also... I have started to lose my voice a little, especially later in the evenings because i speak so much!!! Elder Head (my anak*kid) gets really nervous when that happens!!!! But other than that we are both doing super well!!!!

How is the new companion???  Are you immersing him in the language???
Well.... lets just say that he worked really hard on the language in the MTC, so he knows a ton more than i did coming out of the MTC. He likes to SYL(speak your language) which means that he uses a lot of cebuano when he is speaking in English. So far it has been a lot of me speaking and teaching, then he comes in and shares at the last, but he is starting to gain confidence and speaking a lot more!!!

Please tell us about the area you are serving in...???
We are in the middle of the City, we get flooded every time it rains!!!! ummm. there are 6+ malls in the area, there is also a swamp in the center of the area, the first night that we were going out to work Elder Head my gwapong anak(*handsome kid) took a wrong step and ended up knee deep in the swamp!!! ummmmm.... i dont really know, it is super city!!!

What has been your most successful way of meeting investigators to start teaching them???
Ummm. define "Successful"... for me it has just been that i am a white guy that speaks Cebuano, they usually start a conversation with me and then i talk with them for a while and then we teach them...... yeah.....

What was the best thing about the last week???
I FINALLY HAD AN ANAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so awesome!!! i can't even describe to you how amazing my anak is! he is almost exactly like me, he follows my lead, and just everything about him is awesome!!!!

Did you have any moments where you felt The Spirit particularly strong directing you to do/not do something???
I do, but then i dont follow them!!!! joke!!! i do, and then it is hard to decide what it is saying..... i try my best to do the right thing, or at least what i feel is the right thing to do...

We are keeping the Barangan family and Sister Francis in our thoughts and prayers.   How is it going with them???
it is going ok with them, we havent taught Barangan in about a week because it has been a very busy week and they have been doing other things..

Anyone else you would like us to pray for???  
Besides the obvious you, your companion, your brother, his companion, missionaries in general etc, etc...????
ummmmm. i guess president Tanner, he has a ton on his plate right now, and is working super hard....

Any news news from your mission???   Are you getting together for any of the upcoming holidays???
we do not have much going on... we work, and then we sleep.... not really until christmas....

Do the Filipino's have more holidays than we do in the states???  What holidays do they celebrate???
i am not sure... cause America has A TON of HOLIDAYS... the philippines has a ton though as well... this coming week we have KALAG-KALAG(ALL souls day{halloween}) that should be interesting!!!

Are there as many critters in this area??? 
(Remember we have seen the scorpion you held, the monkey that bit you and the geckos that climbed the walls of your apartment and ate the mosquitoes....)
there are not very many geckos... oh yeah that swamp, there is rats, frogs, goats, cows, pigs, and A TON of CHICKENS!!!!

Besides emailing us, what is your favorite P-day activity???
ummmmm. eating, then going out to work, and teaching!!!! most p-days are just lame........ i dont know!

-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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