Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2, 2014

Do Filipino's celebrate Halloween or some form of it???
They celebrate a thing called KALAG-KALAG. so on the 30th of October until the 2nd of November basically the entire population of the Philippines goes and sleeps in the cemetery!!! ummm, also i almost forgot, they have "ALL SAINTS DAY" on the 1st, and on the 2nd is "ALL SOULS DAY'. everybody had about 5 or so candles burning outside of their houses... ummm, there was almost no one dressed up for it!!! it was super different.

Is Filipino candy a lot different than American candy???
basically all of their candy is american candy made in Saudi Arabia! but they have different ones as well! either way it is all way good, we had some fruity candies the other night! they were DELICIOUS!!!

What was the highlight of the last week???
ummmm.... highlight, we taught 25 lessons!!! we also have 1 new IBD!!! Elder Head is going to have his first convert/baptism in about 2 weeks from this Saturday! we also had a ton of success teaching and doing everything! we did some tracting on Saturday and taught the Restoration to them, and then they started to say "GINOO MAN GIHAPON" which basically means "we believe in Jesus Christ". So i asked them a question that was along the lines of "do you know where you are going after this life?!" they answered no, and then assumed that i didnt have the answer to this question, so they wanted me to answer them right then but i said we would come back and share about that... it was so awesome!!!

Do you guys have many opportunities for service in this area???  What kind of service???
we rarely have time to do service, and very rarely do it... we usually try and do just small things, like help people cut up some fire wood!

You said you live in a pretty large Ward, is it spread out over a large area???  
it is about 130 members average attending church weekly... it is not too big, we have 2 main areas... TIPOLO, and CABANCALAN/BANILAD.

Do you attend ward activities???
nope, we are too busy teaching and doing other stuff, it is not missionary appropriate....

How large is the Stake???  I bet there is some traveling involved in going to Stake Conference.
it has a ton of wards, but one thing is that it is about the same area size as any stake in Utah.... or about that.....

What was your best/strangest teaching opportunity in the last week???
already answered on part... we had a member pass away last tuesday, so on saturday we went by to say hello to his wife, they were married in the temple in Manila, she has been a LA for the last 8 years, we shared a little about the plan of salvation with her...

Elder head got lost in the conversation with Cebuano, and thought that only the brother that passed away was a member and that she wasnt... so towards the end he started to ask the baptismal commitment to her.... haha, it was awesome!!! it is crazy to see where i was 1 year ago!!! and now where i am!!!

How is Elder Head???  Please say you have not introduced him to ballut(sp?)!!!
not yet, we are planning on going sometime this week to get some balut!!!!

Are you having a great time being the Training Companion???  (Do they not use Senior?/Junior anymore?)
I am the Tatay of elder Head, so i am Senior, but i am trainer right now!!!

HOW ARE YOU??? (I bet you thought you wouldn't have to answer that question this week)  Please use  3 complete sentences to describe your current physical, psychological and emotional state!!!!

I AM OUT OF TIME!!! but i am MAAYO(GOOD), i wish i could write 3 sentences.... but i have taken way too long writing this week...
-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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