Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 16, 2014... Bonus week. Yay

Sorry last weeks email is a little late, i thought i sent it off, but apparently i didnt! So for this week i will just kinda talk about the week because i dont have a set of questions to answer...

Monday- we had our thanksgiving feast(on the words of Christ), i was feeling very gutom*(hungry) afterword because we skipped lunch because we were running late. we also had NO work today because we had to do all of our P-day stuff (shopping, laba, and others)...

Tuesday- we didnt have much work... we had District Meeting until about 1:00, then lunch until 2:00... then when we went out to work, while at work be basically got sent away(PUNTED) from everyone we went to go and try to teach... that wasn't a first.

We also had a dinner appointment with the Bailey family(from Logan UT), it was so amazing, they fed us ENCHILADAS, and FRIED RICE, as well as desert was CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!! AHHH!! they were still warm when we ate them, the last time i ate cookies or anything like that was 13 months ago!!!!

Wednesday- we decided to actually go to work, we started working super hard, in total we taught 9 lessons, and had 5 new investigators today. we worked in TIPOLO, we usually struggled with teaching there before Elder Head got here, but for some reason Elder Head seems to be a magic trick, or i guess a LUCKY CHARM for Tipolo! We goaled to teach 10+ lessons, but we were both satisfied with 9!!!
We started off with teaching one of our inv, she has been struggling with believing that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet of God. so we read in 2 Nephi 3, about Joseph of Egypt and his Prophecy. We also taught some of our new investigators, they were all busy in their own little area, so we decided to teach a bunch of short, but powerful lessons...

Thursday- we had work out it Cabancalan, we decided to do some work there as well... we taught 6 lessons today, but they were a lot different, and most a little bit longer. today, i also started to get a little bit sick, developed a cough, and running nose. It makes it super hard to speak clear Cebuano, but they manage to understand what i am talking about...

Friday- we went to Tipolo for the first couple of hours then we went back to Cabancalan, because there were a lot of people that we didnt get to teach because they weren't home, or they said to come back tomorrow. Today we taught another 8 lessons!!! it was unreal, i got a little bit more sick as well... the first part of the day we taught 3-20 minute lessons. we have found that we actually get more through to them if we teach more frequently and SHORTER!!! after that we went to Cabancalan, we actually ended up giving 4 priesthood blessings there, there were some youth/kids that are/were sick. they(members) asked us to give them blessings. one of them was in bed all week and then on sunday we saw him at church... PRIESTHOOD POWER!!!

Saturday- we had a baptismal interview for one of our INV (Joana) when Elder Jandoquile came out (after almost 2 hours of being in there) he said that she didnt pass.... but i called him out on it, because he had the biggest smile EVER!!! She will be baptized this coming NOVEMBER 22. She chose that both of us will baptize her, we got it worked out, i will hold her hands and Elder Head will hold her legs and we will just throw her in!!! JUST KIDDING, she ended up choosing me to baptize her... it is such an honor and a privilege!!! So ELDER LARSON THE OLDER WILL BE have a BAPTISM as well this coming week!!! AWESOME!!!

I also went and got a chest x-ray, that took quite a while but in all actuality it was quick.

then to close off the day, we had stake conference, priesthood, and adult sessions. Elder Collada was presiding, he went and played hardball with the members about the LoT(Law of Tithing) and Fast offerings!!! it was crazy to watch him go!!!

Sunday- we finished off our stake conference, the only bad part is... BROWN OUT(NO POWER) which means NO AIR CONDITIONING!!! in the philippines when there is 1000+ people in 1 building and there is no air conditioning it is super HOT!! and to add to it i am sick... everyone was pouring sweat!! we passed out all of our pamphlets to use as fans!!! it was so HOT!!! ahh, for dinner we went to our Bishops house for dinner, because it was his Daughters birthday!!! it was delicious!!!

-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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