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November 16, 2014... Missed last week (him not me)

You gypped us week, so the question goes back to first...  Please use 3 complete sentences to describe your current state.  Please do not use the words "fine" "busy" or "tired".    There are many adjectives in the English language.  Please use some NEW ones.
There are many adjectives, but i can only remember a few of them!!! i am really first-class/super-eminent! i feel very exasperated from the amount of work we have been doing. and i am tickled pink that this week is over and that it is P-day!!!
We just got back from our "thanksgiving" get together, even though it is closer to Kalagkalag than it is to the Thanksgiving. It was just all the missionaries from Cebu Island that were there today, there were talks given on Gratitude, and as well, there was ICE CREAM, and as well there was APPLE CRUMB PIE... it was DELICIOUS!!!!

(HOW DO YOU LIKE THOSE 4 Adjectives....?)

What was the best moment you had in the last week???
we have had a ton of "best moments." one of my favorites is that happened this week, is that we now have 4 IBDs(Investigators with a Baptismal Date) and we finally had a SIT down talk with our Bishop about what we can do to help him, and what he can do to help the work progress in Mandaue 1st ward!!! it was awesome to hear him talk about everything, and really work with us. it was the first time that this has happened on my mission!
Also, i got 6 pairs of pants (all tailored to ME), 2 polos/dress shirts (tailored to ME), and about 46 new ties for trading last P-day.... the only problem now is that i am running low on quarta!!! but that is ok, i have everything i need for a while, a VERY long while!!! that brings me up to about 100+ ties.... (I will be sending home some of them!!!

What miracles have happened in your world in the last week???
we have seen many miracles! too many to really keep track of the one that i want to say. we have just followed the promptings, and just kinda wandered around looking for someone, and what not.. we have had a ton of success in TIPOLO, which last transfer we would go all day without teaching, now we have to run between appointments so that we can teach everyone that we have!

Are you doing a lot of tracting???
It is unreal how much tracting we do! for the most part we try and fit in at least 1 hour a day. today our plan is that we will tract for 3 hours later tonight! that is about all that we do during our free time...

What is your best source for finding investigators???
we just kinda do it... we just go out everyday, and if someone even gives us the time of day, we instantly start a conversation with them. then we slowly do some BRT(build respect and trust), then we set a return appointment... it works out pretty well...

How often are you with members of the the ward you are in???
we are usually with them every sunday from 9-12... but other than that it is basically just Elder Head and I going out to work every day... they rarely help us with kuyog(coming with us to teach), and they don't really fellowship until we have an INV come to church, so our INV are super shy, and feel OP (out of place), which is why Bishop had the talk with us on sunday, seeing what he could do for us!

Do ward members go out teaching with you???
we dont really, just rare opportunities we get help from the ward

How many missionaries are in your area/district/zone???
We have the smallest Zone, it is 12 missionaries, there are 3 wards that our zone covers, so there are 4 missionaries in each ward...
Sisters JOHNSON, and DALO are comps
Sisters CADIMAS, and TOMAS are comps
Elder JANDOQUILE, and LOPEZ are comps
Elder JOEL, and LASTIMOSO are comps
Elder MICABANI, and AMATA are comps
Elder LARSON, and HEAD are comps

Elder Micabani, and Amata are the ZL's.
Elder Jandoquile is the DL

Do you do splits often???
Nope, not really, we try it once a transfer.... maybe more, we havent had it yet though... maybe this coming week we will go on splits, but i am not too sure yet...

How is Elder Head???
HE IS GOOD, HE HAS NOW GRADUATED by eating BALUT, the MOST FEARED food of the philippines.... lets just say that it isn't his favorite food ever (as you see in the pictures) i was just busting-a-gut! it was good, i ate it with him, but my balut exploded for some reason.

What events did you have in the last week???
we didnt really have any events this last week other than our ZTM, and then we had meetings until 3:30 on sunday.... Today/earlier we had our mission thanksgiving which we did more feasting on the spiritual things, than feasting on the food!!! ONLY 1 MORE YEAR LEFT;P and i will be FEASTING on the food!

What events do you have planned for the next week???
We have a few dinners planned for the week so far. we have 1 tomorrow with a family from Logan UT. they have lived here for the last 4 years, they have 3 kids, and are super awesome (The Bailey family), also we have a dinner appointment with our bishop on Friday, because it is the birthday of someone, i believe his daughter... other than that i dont think we have anything else coming up this week. Oh yeah we do have a baptismal interview on Saturday for next week, and also Stake conference is this coming Saturday, and Sunday for us...

Please share a scripture or quote that touched your heart in the last week.
-ELDER HEAD earlier today he gave a talk on gratitude for half the mission.

I like this one cause..... ALMOST THANKSGIVING!!!! and mainly cause today was our thanksgiving get together as a mission!

Anyone we can pray for???  Any names to put in the Temple???
  1. Barangan Family-(Jingle, Jasmin, Caramaline, Raphael) the bana*(husband) of Sister Jingle wont sugot nga makabunyagan sila*(agree to let them be baptized) he works abroad.
  2. Charmine- she is a bagong Investigator*(new) and is super ready for the gospel, she just has limited time to listen to us....
  3. Alibo Family-(Agripina, Mary, Marianne, McRio) they are new investigators as well... they are amazing, they take notes during the lessons!!!
  4. Arthur Pakidin-(Less Active) this past sunday was the first time nga nagsimba siya*(that he has come to church) in about 2+ years... he is awesome, just needs to have his heart softened...
-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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