Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 23 2014

How are you this week??? (Please use at least 3 sentences to describe your present state.)
I am doing good. this week was probably one of the most sucky (if that is ok to use as a missionary) that i have had... the only thing that kept us going was the baptism of Sister Joana on Saturday. We struggled with teaching all week, Elder Head was stuggling with the language which is expected, of course. it was just an all around hard week. right now i am super tired and sore, we got up at 5 A.M. to go and play basketball, i rolled my ankle, and got punched it the face(on accident he was going for the ball and missed a little bit...).

What was the highlight of the last week???
The highlight was the baptism of Sister Joana, I was lucky enough to be the one that got to go down into the water with her. It was a pretty good service, there were 3 talks, 1 ELDER HEAD, 2 BROTHER PAUL MULDONG(he is now our NEW ward mission leader) 3 SISTER SHEILA FLORES. they were all way good talks. then when we got down into the water, even though it was pretty cold. right as i held the wrist of Joana, she started to cry, it was so cool! but no one knew cause about 10 seconds later she was soaking wet with water running all over!!!

We saw pics from the baptism.  Was it at a chapel???  Do you meet in a regular chapel like the ones here???
Yes, it was at the Stake Center. we do, at least right now, in this area.... over in Panglao we just met in a house of one of the members. it is fairly big sized, it is about the size of the average chapel in Utah, but it is a stake center...

How is Elder Head???  Did he survive his Feared Filipino Food Fest???
He has survived... i have put him through just about everything that i can think of up until this point... i will keep looking for weird stuff for us to eat. We had some Durian pie yesterday, it was DELICIOUS! haha, for those of you that have had it.... you know the taste, and just talking about it just makes my mouth salivate... haha.... lets just say that "IT IS THE FRUIT OF THE GODS." "it tastes like heaven but smells like poo...."

Do you drink a lot of soda pop there???  Is it safer than the water when you are out and about???
i have been trying to cut down on the soda, but it is really good. we drink what we can afford..... some weeks it is soda, other.... water. they have these things called ATMs(automatic TUBIG*water machine), that usually have clean water... key word right there is USUALLY! but for the most part we are able to drink just about anything. if we eat somewhere, or something sketchy we usually will drink a soda.

How are the investigators???
They are still alive.... 

Have any hearts softened or do we need to pray harder for anyone???
  1. Alibo Family; they are awesome, they just dont understand yet that they NEED to become a member...
  2. Frances Ortiz; she accepted a baptismal date, but said she had concerns, some of them being that her dad needed to consent to baptism(which he didn't) and she needed to receive an answer to the her prayers(which she did) she knows it is true, she just "can't" she also needs to make it to church. we shared with her MATT10:35-39, and later today we are going to go by and teach her.

What was the best food you ate in the last week???
well, i can tell you what the not best food that we ate... durian pie...
probably the best is our POT BROWNIES... we have no ovens in the Philippines, but we do have a stove top, we mixed up the brownie mix and threw it on the stove, and did a double boil thing.... i am a genius because it worked out amazing!!!!

How many ties do you have now???  Have you given a lot of them away???
I am down to about 30, i gave a ton away!!!!!

Aunt V wants to know what has been your favorite area so far???
I dont know if i can answer this one.... i have had a ton of favorite parts of each my areas so far.... but if i have to choose one(which i am sure you all might want me to, i will choose the MTC(is that ok?) i choose it because of the air conditioning, the unlimited food, the chocolate milk, the ice-cream on Wednesdays and Saturdays.... but in all actuallity, my favorite area has to be my first area in CONSOLACION 1B, i just had so much fun there, i wish that i was still there... our area was in the BUKID*jungle/mountains but we lived in the city, so it was super easy.

there is amazing stuff about each of my areas!

Uncle Durv wants to know what the craziest adventure you have had to date is???
well.... i dont really know if i have any.... define "CRAZIEST ADVENTURE" for me.... i have been trying to likay buang nga mga butang(*avoid crazy things).... especially crazy people(like literal crazy).

  1. this week i got to go back and see Nicka, Kate, and Russell from my first area, about 6 months ago, they have gotten a ton bigger!!!

-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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