Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 12, 2014

How was your "Half Way" Celebration???  What did you do???
It was just like any other day, we did missionary work... we also did have dinner at one of our Investigators houses. In which i bought the food, i bought 2 kilos of Pork Chops to feed us... which is surprisingly cheep here!!! I spent about 400 pesos to buy 2 kilos of pork chops, 2-2 liters of coke, and some cookies... it was super cheep!!! Sister Jingle added a ton of SILI*(small pepper SUPER SPICY) halang gyud*very spicy. but then Elder Edoloverio(my wonderful companion) challanged me to eat one raw, well last week at the Perez family i ate one, and i felt like i was going to die from the spicy. But this one that i ate was no terrible, i ate it and i only cried a little.... haha, i blamed it that i was so happy that i was at one year!!!

What (other than the Half Way Celebration) was the highlight of the last week???
The highlight is that on saturday and sunday we had GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! that was so awesome to listen to all of them!!!

How is the work going???
The work is going well, we have a baptism this Saturday, she is from a Part Member Family. SISTER BETHSHEVA FABE, she chose me to be the one to DUNK her, i feel super honored but at the same time i feel bad for Elder Edoloverio, cause he has been here longer. so i was trying to convince her to choose him...

What (other than emailing US) is the best part of P-day???
well, i dont really know... some weeks are a ton better than others, but usually the best part is being able to go and work at the end of the day and to start the week off with a couple of lessons....

Do you have anything special planned for the next week???
This week we have our one baptism on saturday, but other than that we do not have much planned... we just have lessons, and then we come home and sleep... that is about it!!!

Today is supposed to be pretty good weather in your area.  Do you see much sunshine in between the rainstorms??? 
Good weather?! as in no rain?! that will be a first in a while!!! usually if it is rainy we dont see the sun for a couple of days... it is super awesome

Is the rain constant or just bursts of really hard rain with nice in between???
It is usually HARD RAIN with no breaks, so CONSTANT HARD RAIN!!! it makes life a little me more basa*wet. but it is more interesting.

Do the flooded areas just keep filling up, or have they drained???
The flooded areas drain, but then the next storm they are filled right back up with super dirty water!

Have you heard of the movie "Meet The Mormons" in your area???
I have not heard of it, except through how is it?! have you seen it?!

Please list FIVE adjectives to describe your current state.
I AM GOOD, TIRED, EXCITED, and... i dont know. i forgot what adjectives are... just kidding. i just dont know what else i am right now... libug na lang ko!!!
GOOD-this last week has been one for the records....
TIRED-waking up at 5:00 to play basketball is super exciting, but towards the end of the day is no fun!!!!
EXCITED-this week we have a baptism, and it is only 12 days until TRANSFERS!!! ahhhhhh

Please use FIVE adjectives to describe your companion.  (We would like to get to know him better too!!)
GWAPO(HANDSOME)-he looks good
BUOTAN(NICE/KIND)-he is super kind to everyone
HARD WORKING/KUGIHAN(DILIGENT)-every day he is ready to go out and work
PAGKAMASULUNDON(OBEDIENT)-he makes sure he follows mission rules always!!!

What language did you watch Conference in???  Who did you watch Conference with???  Where did you watch Conference???
We watched it in English, and Cebuano. i downloaded it to my SD card. so i have heard the conference in english, and cebuano now. i think i might try and download it in Tagalog today...

-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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