Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 10, 2015 Mother's Day

alright so this week has been pretty good, quite a bit better than our week last week. we have worked a ton harder and had a little bit more help after our fast Sunday! we were able to teach 15 lessons this week which is triple the amount we taught last week. it was so crazy to finally be able to teach more than 5 lessons a week. 

so Monday last week we were in Tagbilaran for our P-day, and there was a ton of missionaries not wearing prostliting clothes (which is against our mission rules, and pretty much everywhere in the world. it says on page 19 in the White Handbook, "On preparation day, wear regular missionary clothes in public. If this clothing is not appropriate for a specific activity, make sure that you maintain a clean, modest appearance. Look for opportunities during the day to find people to teach."

I just didn't feel like a missionary with all of them around, because they were being super loud, and obnoxious. so it really helped me focus on  my attitude and actions in public. and make everything more spiritual.

so last week President Tanner talked about searching on for the phrase "And thus we see..." it comes up several times in the Book of Mormon, and each time is Mormon writing a little but powerful statement of truth. I tried it and wrote down each reference, they are all amazing! I encourage you to try it!

this wee we got 5 new investigators, they are so amazing, and are really accepting to our message, 4 of them are Born Again Christian. they actually read, and pray like we ask them to do. it is so crazy how they actually are interested, we have been working really hard on teaching in unity.

this sunday I gave a talk on Obedience, which was just perfect after this last P day where we had that thing happen in Tagbilaran with bugoy *disobedient missionaries. it was pretty good.

I will have my parents let you all know more I am just getting ready to Skype them!!!!
-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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