Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19, 2015

Well this week i don't have a ton to share, mainly because i used most of my time writing another email... so there is a couple of things that i learned this week.

when playing basketball in the Philippines in full proselyting attire it gets REALLY HOT! well, on Saturday at around 3 in the afternoon there were a couple of guys who challenged us to a game of basketball. well, our plans were to do some finding, well, some times the Lord puts people into your path or puts you into theirs. so we took their challenge. the game was to 17 (i dont have a clue why just to 17) well, we ended up losing the first game... but as many of you know, i dont like to lose, so i rechallenged them to another game and said that if we win we will share a message, if we lose we will just walk away, well ride away, we had our bikes. well sad to say.... we lost that game as well, (i dont keep track of points) they will always win if i dont count.

at then end of the game we were both super sweaty. we went to get a drink, well when we were getting a drink we decided to see how wet we really were, well... elder Jennings litterally rung out his tie, and his shirt was dripping, it was almost like he had just done laundry and put his shirt directly on without drying it out, or ringing it out.

so our bikes have had some more issues in the last week, some MAJOR breakdowns. on monday last week we were going to our appointment, and we were going down a road nicknamed "broken bike road", well lets just say it didnt get its name from fixing our bikes. it is a gravel road going to the velasco families house. we were going and.... well the rear gear shifter basically was, hmmm, how to put this in English, became discombobulated, well it was a little bit more than that. in Cebuano it would be GILAGLAGAN (DESTROYED). it was crazy. so we were super lucky because i had some parachute cord as a tow rope. so Elder Jennings was kind enough to tow me all the way back home.

last week we also had Zone conference, i got to see a lot of missionaries as well, it was awesome. also learned from the leaders of the mission, and we had a 10 minute presentation on Testifying and Contacting people.... STRESSFUL!!!! ahhh, 60 missionaries, the AP's, and President looking at us!!!!
-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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