Monday, August 3, 2015

August 2, 2015

alindanao=dragon fly
kabutaran sa yuta=gravity

gotta love these crazy words.

so right now we are sitting in the internet shop, and outside it is pouring so much rain, it has rained about 2 inches in about the last 30 minutes or so. it is so unreal how much rain can be stored in the sky at one time. so this week was pretty normal, waking up, studies, and then working until around 9... so exhausting. we had so much stuff to do, but not nearly enough time in the day to get it all done.

alright on friday night we went to our IBD for the 8th of August, our plan was to teach him about the LOC (law of chasitity) well, he is a 16 year old, and his family is all members, so we hoped that they would help us a little bit more than they did. but after we taught it i said "will you live the law of chastity?" he said "no".. well we all thought he would have said yes, so we were kind of shocked, elder jennings started and said maayo *good. mind you this is at 9 on a friday night after a whole day of running around already. then he cousin leaned over to him and said that if he wont it means that he is gay(bayut). he then quickly changed his answer from no to yes. i then recommited him to live it, and then added in, that it means that he will not be gay, or have sexual relations before marriage.

so i figure that everyone loves hearing about me crashing into stuff on the bikes, or almost dying... so i got another one for you all!

i was biking down a hill, and there was a couple of drop offs on the way down the hill, just like about 5 inches each one, well, i didn't see the last one. it was a little bit bigger, about a foot drop off. well because i was focusing on the drop offs i didn't really look up, when i looked up i saw a coconut tree right in my path, well, it was like time slowed down for about 5 seconds i did what i could to move myself and the bike bike to the side, (i was going for a head on collision with the tree). well i hit it pretty hard, and got obliterated by the tree, i went from sitting high up on my bike to being on the ground in a matter of seconds. i was going pretty fast to, it basically felt like i just got tackled in football, but i had no pads to protect my body. i stood up and dusted myself off. elder Jennings was still at the top of the hill, but i was out of breath to yell up to him. you know the scripture in D&C 84:88, there will be angels round about, well i feel like i was helped out a little bit by those angels.

so on saturday i baptized a 9 year old, his name is Angelou, he was super funny, i interviewed him last saturday, and specifically didnt ask him who he wanted to baptize him, because about 90% of the time they will say, "YOU" because 1, i am an american, and 2, that i was the one to ask him. but on tuesday sister Lapena, and Sister Nalawas told me that he has chosen me to baptize him. so i couldn't just say no, so i said that i would be glad to do it.

so last sunday we all got the flu shot. it was a world wide thing, where every single missionary got it. well this sunday i ended up with the flu. i woke up at 3 am to throwing up. i threw up off our balcony, it was great. then i went down to the bathroom and spent the next 2 hours being sick...

i took some medicine, and then we went to church, it was way awesome, we had 6 investigators at church, and 3 of them have IBDs. we are working on the other ones right now. hopefully they will accept a date this week.

i am really hoping and praying that i dont get transfered this next week. there is so much potential, and so much that needs to be done in this area right now. and i dont want to leave it!
-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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