Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 30, 2015

Hello, so my learning of Tagalog is SUPER SLOW!!! i am glad that Elder Caindoy is picking up Cebuano faster than i am picking up Tagalog, otherwise we would be in some trouble right now. i can understand a lot of it, it is still just super difficult to speak.

so this week we were doing way good, on Friday we had an appointment with some investigators, well the brother had "just a little bit" to drink... well that went right to his head. even though he was a little bit intoxicated we determined that we could still teach there because there were others present. there were 4 others there. we taught about the restoration and then after word we asked them if they had any questions. there were 2 younger boys, they are bible students here and... well they had a lot of questions, they were all very factual, and easy to answer. we took turns answering them. then they said that the next time we come back that they would have other questions. they said that they learned more from us than they had been learning in the bible school/class. so tomorrow we are going to go back and teach more about the restoration.

on Sunday morning there was a ton of commotion going on, they have started clearing the property in front of our house, and there was 4 large trees, i say was because on Sunday morning at around 9:30 they started to cut them down. let me tell you! that was LOUD! the first one was super big, they have used machetes to cut down some of the branches over the last week but yesterday they were going all out and went for it all. after about 10 minutes with the chainsaw it finally fell. it felt like an earthquake when it hit the ground. super loud as well.

so i have been super diligent for the last 2 weeks writing in my journal. after not writing in it, some days there is a ton to write, and other days there is only a few sentences. but as of yesterday morning it was up to date.

i have been doing my research, and study about that question. (attached is a pic from my personal study about, is it possible for a spirit in spirit prison right now to obtain Celestial Glory in the kingdom of God.) hope you get some insight from it as well... it was about 2 weeks of thinking, reading, and pondering.

umm. dont really have too much else to say.
-Elder Larson the YOUNGER

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