Monday, October 12, 2015

October 11, 2015

well, i spent the last week listening to all the talks, and was able to listen to all of them before General Conference on Saturday and Sunday, but i waited until we actually watched them to take notes. it was so good! i really enjoyed how most of Saturday was talking about the Plan of Salvation. as a missionary i looked for the similarities to the message that we share daily. it was interesting to listen to the way they teach/give their talks, my goal is to become as effective as Elder Bednar. his talk was amazing, or Elder Holland. (it is going to take A LONG TIME).

oh yeah, so on Thursday there was an Emergency Transfer... we recieved a call from President Tanner on Wednesday morning, he asked first, "How is your knee Elder Larson?" well, every time i see him or talk to him that is his first question. i was super nervous, i didn't know why he was calling, he then said that there was a companionship that wasn't working out and that he needed to ask a favor. well to make the long story short, I SUSTAIN MY LEADERS. Elder Caindoy transfered to Carmen, Bohol. and i am now compaions with Elder Hall. my 16th companion and my 13th foreigner companion... it is so weird always being with Foreigners... he is also 2 months in the mission, so i am still training.

at General Conference there were a ton of members that came over from Panglao, and i got to see them all. it was funny because they all said that i am getting thin, or that i am thinner than i was when i saw them last. well, that is part of my goal. 4 months to thin, and in shape (other than round).

on Wednesday night we were headed home at 9 and we were just about to turn down a street, and there was a tricycle driving all over the road, and then ended up flipping it on its side, well he had his hand on full throttle we biked super fast to go and help him back up. when we got fairly close, probably with-in 10 feet i could smell something that you don't want to smell coming from a driver of a vehicle. the man was drunk as a skunk... he probably had a blood alcohol level of 1.6% or higher... he was beyond intoxicated...

last night on our way home we were at that same corner and my bike decided to have a major malfunction, and the chain fell off. because that happened i hit my knees on the handle bars and fell off the seat... well i was going fast enough that it kept going forward but i ended u sitting on the frame of the bike... lets just say that was SUPER painful!!!! i don't want to experience that again.

received a revelation/prompting from the spirit on Monday last week. i was looking at the bikes outside, and i felt a prompting to lock them up or bring them inside. i followed that prompting and locked them up. well in the morning they were still there, but someone had come by and stolen the lights, and also my seat from the bikes... i am glad that i followed that prompting!
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-Elder Larson theYOUNGER

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