Sunday, October 4, 2015

October 4, 2015

well, i say general conference, because all of you have already had the opportunity to watch it... i still have to wait until the 10th and 11th of October, but the great thing is that i am able to download the MP3 version, put it on my USB, and then listen to all the talks before Saturday... i guess in a way "cheat".

well, it has been raining a ton recently... actually this morning we were getting ready to come and email. we headed out the door, and we could hear something in the distance. i looked at Elder Caindoy, and said we need to run or we are going to get really wet... well it was super cool to see a wall of water moving across the sky. the rain drops were about as big as a gum ball, and they felt almost like it was hailing... but it was just rain, (when i tell Filipinos about hail they don't believe me. i tell them it is just balls of ice like rain drops.) well, i haven't ran for a very long time, so it wasn't the most graceful run but we managed to out run it for about 30 seconds until we turned the corner headed to a dry place, then we were hit hard with it. it felt like someone just picked up a bucket of water and splashed us with it. that was so awesome, not everyone gets to experience that, especially on their mission.

so we have a very interesting investigator, i am not sure what religion, or faith he belongs to. the reason is that he doesn't have normal beliefs... we were teaching and we asked just a basic, super simple question... "kinsa ang Dios?" or "who is God?" well his answer was, God is Jehovah... well before i could answer yes, and provide more enlightenment, he continued and said that Jesus is the son, Jehovah is the Father, and Allah is the Grandfather of Christ... well, i honestly have no clue how he came to that answer, or that conclusion... neither do i have any idea how to teach, and help him to understand, who God really is, even though i have told him, testified to him, opened the scriptures to Alma 18, and Alma 22... no success yet.

so on Tuesday last week we went over to Cebu to have a Trainers/trainees meeting at the Mission Home. it was unexpected and very uplifting, it was super awesome to get together with all those missionaries that i have seen come into the mission... (weird as well... mainly because i watched all of these missionaries come into the mission.)

so there has been many things that i have been thinking about, and my dad put it very well "Work hard. Harder you work the more blessings and better you will enjoy the last few months of your mission. You are now there longer than all the others that you went out with. Show them why you are there - to be a great and true leader - not a slacker. Rise up and be true and faithful and great my son." i just keep thinking about the D&C 121:34-36... many called but few chosen. i have also been thinking about how it is a Covenant that we are all under, and not a calling. yes, we may receive callings, but it is you that chooses if you have been called or chosen to serve in that specific role to help progress the kingdom of the Father here on earth.

sorry, no pictures this week.....
-Elder Larson theYOUNGER

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