Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 11, 2014

Oh My Goodness, today was super awesome, i got to skype my parents, hopefully they had a cool experience listening to me talk to the people here! WOW, i cant believe it, that was probably one of the coolest experiences ever, i can finally speak Cebuano, and i am pretty fluent... or at least i feel fluent, you have to ask my family what they thought. This week was also super awesome, i am now finally in my second area!!! that was the longest first area EVER!!!! 
This week i was transferred to Panglao B, Bohol, it is totally different than my last area, we basically live on the beach. Which could potentially be a major problem, but right now we are doing pretty good...
lets just say this... MARAMING NG MGA MAGANDA!!! if you don't understand Tagolog, in Cebuano it is... DAGHAN NGA MGA GUAPA!!! and if you really don't understand either in english it is... MANY/A LOT OF BEAUTIFUL!!! everything here is just so much more different than it was in Cebu.

I love my new comp, his name is Elder Wright from Springville, Utah. He is my senior batch, and spent his first 6 months in Comotes, which is almost one of the coolest islands in the mission. Right now we are in the smallest house in the mission, we have 4 missionaries in about the same amount of space as a mini-van.... it is ridiculous!!!

So right now in our area, there are A TON of foreigners because there are so many beach resorts and everything. It is so awesome, one of our BEST investigators is a "Joe" he is from Atlanta, Georgia. he has lived here since about 2009, and he has a Filipina wife. They are so amazing, he has no real religion other than "LOVE." we have been teaching them for the last few days....
well i will finish this next week... OUT OF TIME!!!! 

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