Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 26, 2014

do you all get sick of hearing about how amazing this country and this area is?! cause i don't get sick of saying how amazing it is!!!!
It is now week 3 of the transfers and it feels like it just started last week, our house is super amazing, mainly because we have 4 Americans that are all from UTAH!!!
This week was pretty awesome, we had a bunch of awesome lessons but we only got about 15... our "MISSION STANDARD" is 25. but we did have something super awesome happen! we had the first Investigator come to church in the last 3 years!! It was super awesome, he is one of our "Joe" investigators, and lets just say that was a crazy experience for him, as it was for us, he took a TON of notes and seemed like he was in shock for a little while because everything was in Cebuano, so he barely understood anything, other than the stuff that was obvious and clear in English!!!

this week we had a super cool CSP, we got to go and cut a path through the bukid to someones house. what was even cooler about this is that i got to see some of the people from my last area because we were helping their family here in bohol!!!! that was super awesome, it was almost like i never left!

I dont really have too much to write about today... next week we will be going to Chocolate Hills, Tarsier park, the Hanging Bridge, and making sundangs, and other stuff like that... so hopefully in a couple of weeks i will have some cool stuff to write about, it almost just seems like it is the same old same old stuff each week...

-Elder POGI-Larson

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