Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

May 18 at 9:28 PM
Can anyone really tell me how long i have been out on my mission?! i honestly am to the point where i have no clue, i know i have been out somewhere between 6 months and 12 months or about 6 transfers!
Oh yeah so i guess i still need to finish up the letter from last week! So last week we were walking to an appointment from "Tangnan" which is about an hour long walk. we were walking along the highway, and there was a car that went speeding by and as it going by we heard someone from the car yell "ELDERS!!!" so we started running to the car because it was obviously someone who knows us, or at least who we are. so we got to the car and it was a young couple from America, the sister from Vernal, Utah. and the brother from Billings, Montana. They were here on their honeymoon, because that is what this island is used for... they then offered us a ride and we accepted, so our hour long walk got turned into a 5 minute ride in a car, because of how fast they were driving.
Oh yeah so i was going to say more about Brother Hope, our American investigator, from Atlanta, Georgia. Last week we just really started teaching him, we taught him the restoration and then this week we taught him the Plan of Salvation. It is so amazing having one of the people we teach actually understand what we are saying, and then they are also willing to do stuff, like read, and pray, and just anything we really ask.
This week we are planning on giving him an IBD, and if we end up baptizing him and his wife, they will be the 2nd and 3rd baptisms in Panglao, Bohol in the last 4 years... And this is just about the only area in the mission that we could potentially baptize an AMERICAN!!!!
oh yeah so this week we were looking for new investigators and we ended up wandering into the bukid..(on purpose) because we wanted to get some exploring in, and we got lost for about 3 hours wandering in the bukid, and of course that day was the one day that i forgot to take my camera!!! it was so AMAZING!!!
 i cant even describe how cool it was, and how amazing this country is!!!

it is so awesome being here!!! i hope you all are having even half as much fun and enjoying life half of what i am right now!!!! this is so amazing.

-Elder POGI-Larson

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